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Dolly Leigh's Updates
Dolly Rope Bondage Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Miss Dolly Leigh is wearing an adorable peach nightie, with white stockings and panties. She's a fucking dream! And the FetishPros crew has her gagged , with her arms and legs tied into a single column tie. We've purposely left her just enough room to reach the tie point, so what we want to know is how much will she have to struggle to get loose?! And will she even try to reach the tie point? Rolling around in her hot outfit, Dolly's ass comes right into the camera, and right into your face! Shooting from up above, we stare at Dolly's stocking clad feet as she continues to struggle to get free. Watch this sexy babe roll around in her attempt to get free!

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Andrea Rosu Straitjacket Tickling

Categories: Blindfold Straight Jacket Tickling

It’s Andrea Rosu’s first time in a straitjacket, and Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks are supervising! First we see her being strapped in by the two cuties. The girls are all chuckling and chatty as she’s bound, then they get her down with her pantyhose legs spread and strapped to the floor: thighs, calves, and ankles. “Two pretty women taking care of me—a situation I could get used to!” jokes Andrea, little guessing what’s to come. She begins to look a little uncertain as her friends then secure her by ropes to the top of the bondage frame, so that she is truly immobilized in place. Dolly and Missy tickle her legs and that’s when the horny hilarity really ramps up. Andrea’s got a very sexy laugh, too! They take off her high heels, rip her hose to expose her toes, and then get into more tickle torture. When Andrea snaps at Dolly with her teeth, Missy puts in a ball gag. Missy keeps calling Andrea their “puppet”—and she does look like a marionette in her bonds—and then it’s time for some teasing with the Hitachi. It is super-hot to watch Andrea totally helpless at the hands of these two clever girls. The only thing that quiets her down is the throbbing and humming of the vibe on her snatch—temporarily, because Andrea is quite the redheaded tigress as she tries to wiggle her bare toes away from Missy! That’s when they bring a toothbrush into the barefoot tickle scenario...and a blindfold!!

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Dolly Wet T-Shirt

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Frog tied, gagged, with hands behind her back, Dolly Leigh is the perfect plaything for Andre Shakti! Teased with her blouse pulled up and her perky tits exposed, Dolly doesn't seem to mind relinquishing control! And just as Dolly heats up with Andre's sexy, controlling touch, Andre cools her down with a pair of ice cubes dangling above, dripping ice cold water on Dolly's perky tits! As each drop falls, leaving Dolly's white top looking sheer, Andre works the hitachi over her panty clad pussy! Moaning with ecstasy, Dolly is about to explode with heat! Ice her down Andre!

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Dolly Ice Queen

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Dolly is strapped in a hogtie and she is not happy! Dressed as a winter snow bunny, perhaps her furry leg warmers aren’t serving her very well. She gets no leverage on the floor beneath her and just whimpers in sadness and frustration. Its ALMOST like you could feel sorry for her!

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Piper and Dolly Enduring Pleasure

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Orgasm Challenge

Piper Rage and Dolly Leigh are flat on their backs, their wrists cuffed and their ankles bound to the floor and joined, with Hitachi wands securely strapped to their thighs and angled into their crotches, sending them into one wave of pleasure after another! Dolly has a bit in her mouth but that doesn’t prevent her from making plenty of noise. It’s a duet of ecstatic sighs and groans as the girls, suspended by their waists to be slightly off the floor, writhe in helpless climaxes as their bare feet curl and their hips quiver. Dolly and Piper’s crotches shake and they cry out over their trembling legs as yet another explosion hits those pussies. With the non-stop hum of the vibrators, their whines and bleating make a sweet symphony of feminine helplessness and erotic excitement!

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Nurse Dolly Meets Goddess

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Spanking

Goddess Paris Lincoln makes Dolly Leigh admit that she is a dirty mindless slut from the moment she comes into the room and finds the nurse in her revealing uniform and kinky strappy heels. Of course, naughty Dolly has been restrained to a chair—bound by her ankles, thighs, and wrists. Paris takes off Dolly’s shoes and gives her a few sole tickles, leading to tickles over the rest of her body that send Dolly into squealing fits. Paris rips off part of Dolly’s stocking and stuffs a piece in her mouth, then tickles her bare foot. This leads to a ball gag for Dolly and some teasing with the Hitachi wand, which Paris puts in such an unlikely place as under Dolly’s armpit, as well as between her legs. She tickles Dolly and gets her to repeat that she’s a dirty slut. Paris keeps teasing Dolly with the toy but doesn’t let her quite cum, yet still has her say “Thank you, Goddess!” Yes, Paris is truly a goddess in complete control of her bound submissive, getting Dolly yipping and whining in her sweaty slavehood as Paris does everything from pinching her nipples to questioning her intelligence to stuffing her mouth again with her shredded stinky stockings! Well, at least Dolly finally gets an orgasm—although not her freedom!

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Keep Quiet

Categories: Rope Bondage Sybian

Dolly Leigh is strapped onto a sybian, awaiting her Mistress, Star! Star walks in, liking what she sees. But there's something missing...A ballgag! So Star places a big foam ball in Dolly's big mouth, then Star tapes over Dolly's lips with white tape! Star's pretty sure no one can hear Dolly, but it matters not in our neighborhood. Even when Dolly screams, no one comes to help her out of her predicament...poor Dolly! You found the wrong sybian!

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Exposed Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Delirious Hunter is in a very exposed position, bound by her hands and ankles to the floor but standing with her head down and ass up. After a few quick slaps, her mistress Dolly Leigh applies the Hitachi wand on her covered pussy, but then takes down Delirious’s panties to play with her bare pussy. Dolly fingers the pinkness, then lubes her slave’s shaved snatch and brings out a blue glass ribbed dildo that goes right in. Dolly looks sexy in her black lingerie and stockings as she leans over the helpless Delirious, smacking her ass from time to time as she fucks the horny girl deep in her hole. “Thank you, Dolly,” says Delirious, being a well-mannered slavegirl. “Thank you for teasing and pleasuring me and tying me up,” she goes on, “it turns me on to know I can’t move or escape and just have to take it!” Dolly chuckles at her slave’s total submissiveness and continues to rub her snatch while she penetrates her with the toy as Delirious moans and groans. Then Dolly brings a pink pocket vibe into the equation, and then slips it all the way inside of Delirious while working over the outside with the throbbing wand. It’s no surprise that Delirious cums long and hard—but only after she asks permission from Mistress Dolly, who then leaves the pink toy still buzzing inside Delirious and just walks away with her still standing there bound and helpless!!

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Nurse Dolly in A case of FOD

Categories: Bondage

Nurse Dolly Leigh and Doctor Serena Blair have a new patient, Pennie. Pennie tells the nurse she is having trouble having an orgasm and that she’s not even sure she had ever had one. The nurse and doctor give Pennie a full body exam while she is strapped in a chair with medical straps. They grope her almost naked body and use not just one but two hitchis on her clit to make her feel the first orgasm of her life!

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Two Tied Struggling

Categories: Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Miss Lea Hart and Miss Dolly Leigh, two misses, tied up and left to struggle! We like trying up two girls and leaving them to struggle. If they're smart, they'll try to help each other escape...and that's exactly what the two misses do! With each escape challenge a constant escalation in difficulty, we try to figure out what the minimal amount of rope is required to make a girl feel hopeless. But if they escape that level of rope, then they should expect the next round to be even more strict! So chalk this one up to level 1 rope/escape challenge. Maybe were were just a bit more focused on how hot and sexy these two babes looked in our stockings, and matching panty/bra sets...that's a damn good place to start, no?

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Missy Tickle Tortured on Rack

Categories: Bondage Tickling

As our scene opens we see Missy Minks secured by her wrists and ankles to a bondage rack. She wears a black lacy bra, g-string panty, and sheer thigh high black stockings as well—for all the protection they’ll give her, heh-heh!! As we see her tugging futilely at her bonds, her friends Dolly Leigh and Iona Grace come in to give her a little feather tickling, eliciting bursts of laughter and writhing as Missy feels the feathers along her naked torso and then the girls’ fingers dancing over her nylon legs. Her underarms are particularly sensitive, especially as Dolly lightly scratches Missy’s armpits. But then Iona moves down to where Missy’s feet are locked in stocks, tickling her soles as her whole body shudders with uncontrollable laughter! Iona tears open Missy’s stockings as the fun ramps up and then her feet quiver and shake with barefoot tickling as Iona works each toe individually. “Please stop, ohmigod!” cries Missy but of course her pals just keep right on going, tearing open her stockings to get at the tender sensitive flesh of her thighs and under her knees. But watch the surprise and burst of extra hilarity as Iona presses her mouth into Missy’s belly button to blow a raspberry and send Missy into even more writhings and happy screams! “Please no more!!” gasps the wiggling wench but her buddies keep her bound—and they promise there will be more!

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Serenas Surprise

Categories: Chained Handcuffed Self Bondage

Serena Blair is excited! Her boy is coming home after having been gone for several days! Serena decides to surprise him by dressing up in garters, stockings, a sexy dress with fuck me pumps AND the piece de resistance is cuffing herself to the bed! Lying there, cuffed at the ankles and wrists, Serena works herself into a frenzy of anticipation...then she hears the doors open! "Babe?" She calls out, a smile on her face. But then she's puzzled when 'babe' doesn't answer. Instead, it's her roommate, Dolly Leigh! Dolly's been lusting after Serena since she moved in, and now it seems Serena is in a very vulnerable position! Working her magic, It doesn't take long for Dolly to get Serena in a much better mood!

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