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Models / Krysta Kaos

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Krysta Kaos's Updates
Krysta Kaos - Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Categories: Belt Bondage Blindfold Bondage Escape Challenge

Krysta Kaos, in panties, bra and a nylon head sack, is bound and left to struggle on the filthy floor. Stapped in a hog tie and legs to chest, sexy tattooed Krysta tries her best to escape her belt bondage! Watch Krysta's sexy little body wriggle and writ

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Andre post Workout Teased by Krysta Kaos

Categories: Bondage Foot Fetish Rope Bondage

Andre Shakti wanted to work out, but Krysta Kaos had other plans for her! Tied with her arms behind her back and both legs frog tied, the only workout Andre's getting is the one it takes to try and escape! Krysta pulls out a hitachi and suddenly Andre is not so unhappy As Krysta teases Andre's clit with the vibrating toy! Krysta is dead set on teaching Andre to NEVER ask her to go to the gym again! Especially when you can work out the kinks with an orgasm!

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Krysta Kaos - Belt Hogtie Struggle

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge

Krysta Kaos is gagged and strapped into a chair, wearing only panties, bra and stockings! Watch as she struggles to get loose but we know she can't break free! With straps stretched tight, she tries her best and as her frustration increases she begins to moan knowing she'll never get out of our this clip, Krysta Kaos is all yours!

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holly heart plays with alexxa bound, orgasms anyone

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Holly Heart finds Alexxa Bound tied to the bed and all she sees is a piece of meat! Fondling and degradation are all that follow as Holly Heart totally takes advantage of the helpless Alexxa Bound! Holly wastes no time and shoves a glass dildo up Alexxa'

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holly heart and alexxa bound tied and tickled by krysta kaos

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

This is definitely one of our favorite clips so far! Holly Heart and Alexxa Bound are tied back to back as Krysta Kaos challenges both of our bound victims to a Tickle Challenge! What follows is one of our best tickle scenes ever, as Krysta joins in and Alexxa uses her tiny size sixes to tickle Holly Heart into fits of giggling and high pitched laughter! Join in the fun and guess who wins this exciting tickle challenge!

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Krystas Solution for Andres Sleep Walking

Categories: Belt Bondage Foot Fetish Foot Worship Straight Jacket

Poor Andre Shakti has been suffering from sleep walking and in an extreme ploy to help, Krysta Kaos tells her she's got the perfect thing to help...a strait jacket! But when Krysta also frog ties one leg and straps the other to one corner of the bed, it's pretty obvious Krysta has some devious plans for poor Andre! Teased with an Hitachi and then forced to worship Krysta's well shaped feet, Andre is in for more than she bargained for! With moans of ecstasy as the Hitachi tickles her clit, it seems Andre is OK after all with the devious plans Krysta puts her through!

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Krysta Kaos - Strap Bondage Struggle High Heels Hot pants

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

In Tight pants, a sheet top, high heels and gagged to keep her pretty little mouth occupied, Krysta Kaos is left to struggle while strapped across her chest, arms, legs and ankles! Her pretty, bright eyes seem to plead for help but to no avail! From her white strappy shoes to her brightly colored hair, Sexy little Krysta is hopelessly bound!

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Andre Shakti Belt Bondage Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Blindfold Bondage Escape Challenge

Krysta Kaos has some fun in mind for her friend, Andre Shakti and you know it's going to be interesting when it starts off with a blindfold! With legs crossed, Andre's legs are tied together with a leather strap, then her arms pulled behind her back and strapped together as well. Next Krysta places two chest straps on Andre, is gagged and then left to struggle. Watch as sexy Andre writhes and wriggles in her vain attempts to break free! Helpless damsel's what we love to see!

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Krysta Kaos - Foot Tease Masturbation

Categories: Foot Fetish

Krysta Kaos is looking sexy as fuck wearing a sheer bra top and stockings...but it gets even hotter real quick as she taunts and teases you to full nudity and then masturbates till you wanna cum in her face! This is one of the hottest clips we've shot...and we barely made it through from start to finish...good luck!

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Andre Belt bound and Gagged by Krysta

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Andre Shakti, wearing a sexy blue dress, stockings and garters, is putty in the hands of sexy dominatrix, Krysta Kaos! Gagged and bound, Andre appears flustered, yet intrigued, as Krysta works her way around her torso with a variety of belts. In a modified hogtie, Andre is left to struggle on the bed, wondering what's next!

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Missy Minks Dommes Krysta Kaos - Belt Bondage Hitachi

Categories: Belt Bondage Spanking

Missy Minks has Krysta Kaos right where she wants her...tied and face down, ass up on a padded stool! Missy loves playing with her new toy and soon is willing pleasure and pain upon her helpless victim! Uncontrollable orgasms and sexy spankings are not the only things on Missy's her have her way with Krysta Kaos!

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Krysta Kaos - Missy Minks - Foot Worship

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship

Krysta Kaos turns Missy Minks into her little foot slut whore! Made to worship sexy Krysta's feet, Missy Minks is turned out into the obvious foot slave she is!

68 Photos, 7 Minute(s) of Video

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