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Models / Missy Minks

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Missy Minks's Updates
Andrea Rosu Straitjacket Tickling

Categories: Blindfold Straight Jacket Tickling

It’s Andrea Rosu’s first time in a straitjacket, and Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks are supervising! First we see her being strapped in by the two cuties. The girls are all chuckling and chatty as she’s bound, then they get her down with her pantyhose legs spread and strapped to the floor: thighs, calves, and ankles. “Two pretty women taking care of me—a situation I could get used to!” jokes Andrea, little guessing what’s to come. She begins to look a little uncertain as her friends then secure her by ropes to the top of the bondage frame, so that she is truly immobilized in place. Dolly and Missy tickle her legs and that’s when the horny hilarity really ramps up. Andrea’s got a very sexy laugh, too! They take off her high heels, rip her hose to expose her toes, and then get into more tickle torture. When Andrea snaps at Dolly with her teeth, Missy puts in a ball gag. Missy keeps calling Andrea their “puppet”—and she does look like a marionette in her bonds—and then it’s time for some teasing with the Hitachi. It is super-hot to watch Andrea totally helpless at the hands of these two clever girls. The only thing that quiets her down is the throbbing and humming of the vibe on her snatch—temporarily, because Andrea is quite the redheaded tigress as she tries to wiggle her bare toes away from Missy! That’s when they bring a toothbrush into the barefoot tickle scenario...and a blindfold!!

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Amber Tickled in Straitjacket

Categories: Bondage Straight Jacket Tickling

Missy enjoys herself as she gets to tickle torture Amber in a straightjacket. Missy starts by tickling Amber all over her clothed body and then exposing her feet by tearing her stockings. Poor Amber gets baby oil and the hitachi on her feet until she is a slippery, sweaty mess.

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Tied and Teased to Orgasm

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Miss Lea Hart is one hot babe! And we've got her spread out on our studio floor, one leg frogtied, slightly elevated and tied off above, the other leg stretched out and tied at the ankle, and her arms stretched out past her head, tied off at the wrists. She's only wearing a bra and panty set and look smoking hot! Missy Minks wastes no time in getting Lea's bra off and playing with her gorgeous, perky tits. Lea looks puzzled as if she's not used to being in this position, but Missy doesn't care! Missy soon moves Lea's panties aside and plays with her pussy. Then she brings out the hitachi and plays touch and feel some more, with Lea's tight pussy! After working hard to get Lea relaxed enough to relax and achieve her orgasm, Missy decides to cut off Lea's panties and leaves her struggling, alone, wondering what the fuck just happened to her. Miss Lea Hart!

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Katt gets her revenge on Missy

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Mummification

Oh shit, you know what happens when you're a total bitch to your room mate? Yep, it's revenge! Katt Anomia has been the victim to Missy Minks too many times this past month, so when Missy falls asleep in Katt's bed, Katt knows exactly what to do! It's a sleep sack and straps for Missy Minks! Oh no, don't ever raise the ire of a pretty little kitty cat like Katt! Payback is a bitch...but oh so much fun for us to watch!

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Straitjacket Torment

Categories: Belt Bondage Straight Jacket

Missy torments pretty purple-haired Alexa Rae while she feels out her first time in a straight jacket. With her legs frog tied in leather straps she wiggles around while Missy teases her pussy with a pink vibrator. Alexa gets gagged and flipped around to have her ass and feet caned. Alexas foot fetish comes out as Missy tickles, teases, and massages her soles. The scene ends with Alexas drool dripping all over her lovely toes!

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Missy Tickle Tortured on Rack

Categories: Bondage Tickling

As our scene opens we see Missy Minks secured by her wrists and ankles to a bondage rack. She wears a black lacy bra, g-string panty, and sheer thigh high black stockings as well—for all the protection they’ll give her, heh-heh!! As we see her tugging futilely at her bonds, her friends Dolly Leigh and Iona Grace come in to give her a little feather tickling, eliciting bursts of laughter and writhing as Missy feels the feathers along her naked torso and then the girls’ fingers dancing over her nylon legs. Her underarms are particularly sensitive, especially as Dolly lightly scratches Missy’s armpits. But then Iona moves down to where Missy’s feet are locked in stocks, tickling her soles as her whole body shudders with uncontrollable laughter! Iona tears open Missy’s stockings as the fun ramps up and then her feet quiver and shake with barefoot tickling as Iona works each toe individually. “Please stop, ohmigod!” cries Missy but of course her pals just keep right on going, tearing open her stockings to get at the tender sensitive flesh of her thighs and under her knees. But watch the surprise and burst of extra hilarity as Iona presses her mouth into Missy’s belly button to blow a raspberry and send Missy into even more writhings and happy screams! “Please no more!!” gasps the wiggling wench but her buddies keep her bound—and they promise there will be more!

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Missy Testing out the Sybian Stand

Categories: Rope Bondage Sybian

AP came up with the idea of a sybian stand, so who else to try out said stand than Missy Minks!? Of course...and Missy, sitting atop the sybian with a shoulder harness, and bare feet cuffed to the floor on either side, is having fun...for a minute...Haha! AP turns on the heat as Missy is now moaning in discomfort! Finally giving up, Missy is shown some mercy by AP...way to go FetishPros team!

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Strapped down and Teased

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Tickling

Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks secure Alexa Rae to the floor with leather cuffs, zip ties, padlocks and a thick collar. Missy and Dolly begin groping Alexa's sexy little body and start tickling her. Missy gets excited with how ticklish Alexa is and pulls out the hitachi. After some more teasing Alexa is blindfolded and made to play a guessing game with two hitchis! Alexa gets a final surprise and is left with a ballgag and a running hitachi in her pantyhose.

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Straitjacket Job Interview

Categories: Ball Gagged Straight Jacket

Dolly Leigh comes for her first job interview after college—at a straitjacket company! To get the “feel” of the merchandise she’ll be selling, Dolly submits to the experience of being put in one of the jackets by personnel lady Missy Minks. After strapping her in the warm, bulky jacket, Missy wants to see if Dolly can get out of it—and of course Dolly can’t. But when company head Andrea Rosu arrives to meet the interviewee, she’s shocked to see the loose and sloppy job Missy has done with the straps on Dolly’s jacket. “We like things tight around here. We sell an item intended to immobilize,” Andrea explains in a silky tone as she demonstrates by wrapping Missy in a straitjacket of her own, “and we need to make sure that no one can get out of this.” Then the fun really ramps up once both Missy and Dolly are strapped in. Dolly can’t help but wise off to Andrea and is rewarded with a ball gag, and Missy can’t zip the lip either so she gets one too. The girls attempt to talk with the gags as they sit crouched on the floor in their straitjackets, so to quiet them down Andrea decides a little vibrator treatment is called for with a pair of Hitachis on their crotches as the girls drool on their gags and squirm as they helplessly try to slip out of their bonds. Happily Dolly ends up with an orgasm, although whether she gets the job is left hanging as she and Missy are left alone in their straitjackets as Andrea goes off to lunch!

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Wish You Were Here

Categories: Ball Gagged Chained Sybian

Two barefoot babes, Ruby Angel and Missy Minks, wearing only panties and bras, are in the mood for playtime! Missy marches Ruby into her bedroom on a leash and Ruby's cute panties read "Wish you were here", on the bottoms. That' an appropriate penning for this sexy clip! Missy has Ruby sit atop the sybian and ties Ruby's legs into a frogtie position. Then Missy puts on a full head harness gag to keep the pretty little Ruby as quiet as possible. That's when the sybian gets turned on and Ruby is soon moaning in delight! Unstrapping Ruby's bra to unleash her perky tits, Missy teases her already hard nipples, driving Ruby into a frenzy as the sybian goes into a higher speed. Ruby's hands are cuffed above so she's helpless to escape! Missy continues the taunting and teasing as she cuts off Ruby's brand new bra and tosses it aside. As a final insult and sign of total control, Missy cuts off Ruby's new panties and taking off the full harness gag, stuffs the soiled panties in Ruby's mouth! Hot, taunting, teasing action as Missy takes Ruby to a state of nakedness, chained and helpless to the orgasmic bliss from the we said...Wish You Were Here...

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Stressful Position

Categories: Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Missy Minks is one of our hottest and toughest models ever! In this clip we've got her on tiptoe, arms bent behind her, over a wooden rod, wrists tied together and looped into a crotch harness. She's dressed in a purple jumpsuit, with black stockings, no heels and gagged. Her gag is so tight she's dripping drool incessantly and it's pudding at her feet. Because she's on tiptoe, her legs are getting tired, her poor size 6 feet getting cramped and tired, too. Dancing on tiptoe, she struggles like this for several minutes, all while drooling like a water faucet. It's a tough position, and one probably only Missy can handle!

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The Escape

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge

Strapped to the floor with leather cuffs, locks and TWO hitachis strapped to her pussy, Missy Minks is challenged to escape. A set of keys is tossed onto her bare chest and the struggle begins! Trying to use her tongue to reach the keys, Missy moans with frustration and struggles mightily to make her way free, but to no avail. Finally the key drops off of her chest and twisting and turning to reach it with her mouth, she finally gets a hold of it! But how to get it to the outreached arm where the cuff is locked!? The challenge is on...can Missy do it!?

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