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Models / Abella Danger

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Spreader Bar Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Naked on her knees on the black bondage bed, with her beautiful ass spread wide by the spreader bar which is cuffed to her ankles even as her wrists are cuffed down below her thighs, brunette beauty Abella Danger is moaning from the outset as the Hitachi positioned at her pussy starts to thrum. “Yes, yes, yes,” she moans, her butt cheeks twitching as her fingers reach out to touch the toy which is planted immovably at her vulnerable hole. The bondage orgasms are guaranteed as the loud hum seems to grind a message of relentless power into her snatch. Abella’s groans fill the room even as the padlocks on the cuffs at her ankles keep her firmly in place for the ruthless arrival of one bondage orgasm after another, echoed in her constant groans and squeals of eyeball- rolling pleasure! Finally, by the blissfully dazed smile on her face, we know she has reach her personal climax nirvana!

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Abella Orgasms in Rope Bondage

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage

With her wrists tied above her in rope bondage, her mouth ball gagged, and her high-heel-shod legs spread wide and tied at the ankles, Abella Danger lays on the floor and looks down at the Hitachi wand pressed against her hairy pussy. Any moment now the vibe will flick on...and yes, there it goes! Abella gasps in involuntary arousal, writhing at her bonds and knowing that she won't be going anywhere. Biting down on the red gag, she tries to resist the bondage orgasms but it's futile. She is helpless, the vibe pressed tight against the meat of her pussy as she succumbs to pleasure, squeezing her eyes, panting, whining, and quivering in naked submission.

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Abella Danger Gagged Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage

Abella Danger has some sexy arms! Not overly muscular but just nicely toned in a very attractive, erotic way. And they look particularly fetching when they are secured high above her in the bondage chair with wrist cuffs, so that we can see her alluring armpits even as she looks at us wide-eyed with a big red ball gag filling her mouth. This brunette bondagette looks strong yet vulnerable with the wide straps across her thighs and the heavy ankle cuffs keeping her feet, in white spiked heels, chained to the base of the industrial strength chair. Drool slips down her chin to between her breasts as she waits for the Hitachi wand, pressed up against her smooth peach under the hairy mound, to start buzzing her box into the orgasm zone... Impatiently waiting for the vibrations to begin, Abella rubs her clam against the top of the wand. Even so, when it finally and abruptly turns on, she shudders in surprise before quickly closing her peepers in mounting arousal, gasping and tugging at the cuffs as if her helpless pussy can’t take the very excitement she seemed to be yearning for... Her body makes some beautiful curves indeed as Abella writhes in her vulnerability on the chair, opening her mouth so wide it looks as if she might eat that ball gag, leaning over and groaning in the climaxes that will drain her almost into mindlessness. You can almost make out her mumbling the words “I love it!” through the gag as her nimble young body gives in to the simultaneous pleasures of inescapable restraint and explosive orgasm in this great Fetish Pros thriller!

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