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Models / Addie Juniper

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Addie Straijacket Struggle

Categories: Belt Bondage Straight Jacket

Cheyenne Jewel comes in to supervise straitjacketed mental patient Addie Juniper, finding the girl on her tummy, her bare feet and ankles cuffed as well. She gags her mouth with panties and white tape, then spanks her butt through her blue panties while the girl moans and groans. Those bare soles are a temptation too, so Cheyenne tickles them a bit. Then Miss Jewel decides to torture Addie by making her sniff her sweaty high heels, as an appetizer to sniffing her steamy nylon-clad feet. Next she removes Addie’s gag so that she can make the girl worship her stocking feet. “Open up and taste the toe!” Cheyenne says, “worship them and kiss!” Addie smooches all over Cheyenne’s feet, frowning and gagging as her tongue flicks over the nylons. Addie’s rebellious attitude clearly calls for more spanking and then foot-and-thigh tickling that gets her laughing hilariously. Then Cheyenne takes pity on Addie before she’s locked away in the hospital’s mental ward, and brings out the Hitachi wand which she plants between the girl’s legs while continuing to spank her. But although Cheyenne lets her have one orgasm, she cruelly cuts Addie off from a second and leaves her to struggle in her straitjacket while waiting for the nurses to take her away!

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Addie Tickles Cheyenne

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Cheyenne Jewel is seated on the bed, arms tied behind her back, a simple chest harness for support, and ankles tied, pulled tight to a tie point below. Addie Juniper comes in and she's all set to play! Tickling Cheyenne, Addie knows she's going to have fun, but Cheyenne is intent on making as much of a ruckus as possible, hoping the neighbors will hear! Addie simply pulls out a gag to shut her up, then she strips off Cheyenne's shoes and tickles her feet mercilessly! Addie cuts off Cheyenne's stockings to reveal her bare feet and tickles her some more! Finally Addie pulls out a hitachi and shoves it in Cheyenne's crotch. Pulling Cheyenne's knees up to gain better access, Addie soon has Cheyenne ready to cum! But it's more tickle torture before any orgasm happens!

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Cheyenne Tickles Addie

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Addie Juniper is on her back, hands between her legs, tied off to tie points top and bottom, legs raised, with ankles rope cuffed and tied off above. She's in a vulnerable position and Cheyenne Jewel is on the prowl! Finding her playmate all tied up and ready to go, Cheyenne quickly gags Juniper, then sets about having her way with her! Tickling Juniper mercilessly, it's just a matter of time before Juniper blows out!

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