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Models / Agatha Delicious

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Leather Belt Frogtied Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Bondage Orgasms

That sizzling blondie Agatha Delicious is nude and tightly restrained on the bed, with her wrists bound to her frogtied legs by belts, buckles, and little padlocks. Her smooth shaven crotch is bare and available to the throb of the Hitachi vibe as sweet Alexa Nova kneels over her, running the buzzy head of the toy not only over Agatha’s snatch but up over her big tits too. But then the toy is placed down on her pussy pie again, rotated over her clit as Agatha begs for relief. The tantalizing tease goes on for awhile until finally Alexa gives the okay and lets Agatha have a bondage orgasm and squirm in relief on the toy. Then, post-climax, Alexa returns the wand to the scene of the explosion to give Agatha a chance for one more quick little nut, before she says goodbye with a lick on Aggie’s nips!

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Agatha Spread Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Blonde Agatha Delicious is in quite a bondage predicament. Bare-breasted, only in her stockings, garter belt, her fishnet-clad tiptoes chained and cuffed to the floor, her shaved pussy exposed, she is ripe for the probing fingers of her domina, Daisy Ducati. It’s so hot seeing Daisy’s tawny hands squeezing and kneading Agatha’s vulnerable ivory flesh! Agatha addresses Daisy as “Mistress” from the moment Ms. Ducati shows up and even as she applies the Hitachi wand to Agatha’s pie. “Please don’t stop, Mistress, I’ll do anything,” promises Agatha, and you know that Daisy will keep her to her word! Agatha squeals and begs and sighs as Mistress Daisy toys with her. Then out comes the ball gag as the fun ramps up even hotter. “Don’t forget to beg!” chuckles Daisy as Agatha whines for mercy through her gag...a mercy, however, that it doesn’t look as if she really wants. See Daisy even tickle Agatha’s feet before sending her slave pussy to bondage orgasm heaven!

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Agatha Bound with Medical Restraints


Breasty blonde Agatha Delicious finds herself topless, spread eagle, flat on her back and tightly bound with medical restraints on a thick black mattress, with a Hitachi wand pressed against her shaved snatch. Her sexy lipsticked mouth opens and closes as she sighs and moans in ever-building pleasure as the vibe does its job on her undulating crotch. Inescapably moored to the bed in her medical bondage straps and buckles, Agatha savors her captivity and presses her hole against the throbbing vibe, even as her tight fists pulls at her wrist cuffs and her bare feet with polished red toenails writhe and curl against their straps at the corners of the bed! Great camera work lets you see this helplessly bound young woman from every tantalizing angle, especially as she looks off with a contented smile at the end after all her orgasms!

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