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Models / Bianca Stone

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Bianca Stone's Updates
Cuffed, Spread Eagle Tease and Tickle

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms cuff Tickling

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Redhead Bondage Strapon Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Throaty-voiced Bianca Stone has redhead Barbary Rose kneeling, tied with her arms behind her in rope bondage, and giving Bianca's shiny black strapon a mouth-only blowjob. Holding her slave's ginger hair in her hand, Bianca thrusts her proxy prick back and forth until the carrot top cutie gags and drools. Bianca explains how the harder Barbary sucks, the better it is for her clit with every thrust to the back of her slave's throat. Our cameras capture all the angles emphasizing Barbary's submission to the commanding Stone, even as Bianca rubs her slave's drool all over Barbary's face! "Keep servicing my clit through my cock!" Bianca just loves watching Barbary's face turn pink and red through the sucking action: "You are so sexy, Barbary! You're such a good lesbian cocksucking whore!" They get down on the floor for even more hot positions too.

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Handcuffed Bondage BlowJob

Categories: Bondage Handcuffed

No hands oral is what Daisy Ducati has to do for Bianca Stone's shiny black strap-on. With her wrists handcuffed behind her back, she kneels on her sexy tawny haunches in front of her mistress and goes deep as she drools the saliva like crazy, her frizzy reddish ponytail bobbing behind her. Our Fetish Pros camera gets great angles-from underneath, from above, from the sides-as this "nasty lesbian slut" (as Bianca describes Daisy) applies the deep throat action fiercely so that Bianca can feel arousing pressure against her clit under the strap-on. Just the audio symphony of Bianca's slurping in her oral bondage servitude is a huge turn-on! And her long tongue and dripping chin is a spectacle of submissive magnificence. You'll be surprised at some of the husky sounds a sucking woman can make after hearing Daisy in action.

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Puppy Play

Categories: Chained Spanking

Everyone loves a little puppy play! Barbary Rose starts this scene off on her knees, dressed up in lingerie and stockings, just as her dominatrix – Bianca Stone – is. Admiration for her slave's ass is what Bianca begins with: she just can't believe how thick and delicious it is. As far as puppies go, Barbary's one of the better ones that Bianca has had the pleasure of dealing with: she even takes to the task of using cute puppy noises instead of talking with ease. At one stage, Barbary even tries to lick her tight pussy as it's attached with a Hitachi – that's what every dominatrix wants to see from their slave!

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Standing Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Bianca Stone remembers meeting a creepy guy at the bar last night, but everything in her memory is hazy just after she drank the drink he'd bought for her. After waking up, Bianca found herself in a bizarre situation: she was completely naked, save for her high heels, a ballgag wrapped around her head and the craziest thing of all: a harness attached around her waist that held a magic wand to her clitoris. Struggling seemed like a smart choice to begin with, but it seemed like her movements only made her enjoy the Hitachi against her pussy even more. She was helpless – and in that moment – nothing turned her on more than the feeling of having zero control over where she was, what she was wearing and when she'd eventually cum.

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Cheyenne and Bianca Foot Worship

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship

When you have a woman with a pair of feet as impressive as Bianca's, it's only right that they're given extra special attention for a slave that realizes just how lucky they are to be in the position that they are. Up for the task is a sub that goes by the name of Cheyenne Jewel and by all accounts, this blonde cutie is going to do all that it takes to worship the hell out of these perfect feet. Wrapped in nylon and begging to be licked, her feet are given the VIP treatment from the back of her ankles to the tips of her toes. For doing such a great job, Cheyenne is given an extra special treat at the end of this session of admiration.

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Smothered Orgasms


Bianca's a dominatrix with a soft side: she always likes to tell her new recruits just how hot they are. This is especially the case with Summer, as she has the whole package: soft lips, pillowy breasts, beautiful nipples and a hairy pussy. Things kick off with some masturbation and teasing, but it's not long before the Hitachi is dragged out and Summer's squeezing her titties together as she's pleasured by her mistress. Finally, Summer gets what she's always wanted: a girl to sit on top of her face as she brings herself to orgasm with an intense, vibrating sex toy. By the end of this session, Summer endures three orgasms – each one more intense than the last.

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Daisy's Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Bianca and Daisy only met a few days ago, but they've been getting along like a house on fire. Today, Daisy wanted to experiment with taking things a little further than ever before. In her own words, she wants to "make a fucking mess" and luckily for her, Bianca's on hand with her tools to assist in this little adventure. To start things off, Daisy's clit is given a little finger stimulation before two fingers are slowly inserted inside her tight cunt that is begging to be pounded. This pretty ebony's pussy was begging for the Hitachi treatment and that's when things really started to become interesting. Chances are you'll lose count of the number of times this pussy is milked: she doesn't seem to stop squirting.

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Bondage, Teasing, Choking and Orgasms

Categories: Bondage

When you've got Barbary Rose tied to the floor wearing lingerie, stockings and high heels, you know you're in for a great time. Bianca Stone's plan for today is to see just how far she can take this gorgeous submissive redhead and to kick things off, she elects to slap her tits and squeeze her nipples, all while holding a hand over Barbary's face to limit her breathing. It doesn't take too long for this latter part of the domination to be coupled with a Hitachi being held up against her soaking wet pussy. Just how many times do you think Barbary Rose came during this session of choking, domination and submission?

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Summer Spanking Session

Categories: Spanking

Nobody could resist wanting a lap dance from, and giving a few spanks to, the excitingly voluptuous fanny of redhead Summer Hart! Lucky Bianca Stone is clearly excited to savor under her hands the curvy appeal of the girlishly feminine Summer. To start, Bianca has Summer circle around to showcase her fully packed cleavage and plush figure in black lingerie, complete with garters and nylons. Then, Bianca gets Summer twerking away as the delectable ginger jane does lap dance moves on Miss B, even while Bianca clamps her palm over Summer’s mouth in a hot moment of lesbian female dominance! Summer then stretches out over Bianca’s lap with her stocking-covered stems extended behind them, and Bianca decides it’s time for a little fanny warming. After all, Summer’s naked bottom in its thong is a little cool to the touch—but not for long, as Bianca smacks heat into her companion’s tasty rump, leaving a tingly pinkness on those oh so squeezable globes. A little more breathplay happens when Bianca covers Summer’s lips again even as she keeps up with the spanks, leaving Summer gasping afterward and definitely not just from a lack of sufficient oxygen! The raven-haired babe really wants to explore the possibilities, though, and she gets Summer to stand up again and lean over Bianca’s left shoulder. Miss Stone fondles those glorious Summer glutes, leaving vivid handprints in the pink, before delivering a long flurry of booty smacks that set off delightfully girly sighs from Summer’s lips. But Bianca is not going to let her “pain slut” (as she playfully calls Summer) get off so easily, and this Fetish Pros femdom romp concludes with more breathplay and rear-end sizzle!

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