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Models / Casey Calvert

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Casey Calvert naked, spread and made to cum

Categories: Bondage Chained

With her arms chained high above her, barefoot naked beauty Casey Calvert is at the mercy of fully dressed Juliette March, who comes at her with a big Hitachi wand. Taking hold with her fingers of the plush smooth meat of Casey's shaved pussy, she begins applying the vibrating pressure as Casey groans helplessly. She sucks and licks Casey's pretty nipples and caresses her helplessly restrained body. You can almost inhale the sweat in Casey's exposed armpits as she writhes under Juliette's teasing care! As Juliette tells her in an intimate closeup, "Your pretty suffering eyes make me so wet!" Well, the sounds of Casey gasping and crying out with one orgasm after another will get YOU staining your shorts pronto, too, as you watch this hot brunette beauty at the mercy of another girl!

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Casey Bondage Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Casey Calvert looks like a girl you’d really like to take out for a nice evening of dinner and music, or maybe a comedy club; but here in her sexy red minidress and matching red wedge espadrille sandals, she clearly shows more interest in being tied up and struggling while all eyes savor her beauty as a bondagette! Firmly restrained by ropes that box tie her arms and wrists, her bosom also plumps out over the ropes showing how tightly she is bound. Her long brunette ponytail swishing around, valiant Casey tries to untie her bonds behind her. Her moaning and sighing are audible as her darkly-polished fingertips almost undo a knot, but no cigar! She even tries to chew at the rope on her knees, but that doesn’t work either. And then she gets a red ball gag so she won’t mess up her diet with all that rope munching...! Casey does her best, scuffing her pretty wedges against the floor in the process, but it doesn’t seem as if she’s going anywhere. And we make it even more trying by then putting her in a hog tie with the rope running over the back of her pink underpants from her wrists to her ankles. But wait! Is she finally starting to make progress in her escape attempts? Don’t count on it, but DO count on the pleasure of watching Casey’s luscious sexy thighs as she gives it her all in this Fetish Pros rope bondage struggle!

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Bondage Strapon Blowjob

Categories: Bondage

Casey Calvert is tied up with rope and made to suck on Juliette's strap-on dildo. Casey gags, spits, and whimpers, but she can't escape this humiliation. Her mascara runs as tears gather in her eyes, and her lipstick smears as she's made to suck dick at Juliette's command.

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