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Models / Cassandra Cain

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Cassandra Cain Updates

Blindfolded , Panel Gagged, Restrained and Led Relentlessly to Bondage Orgasms
Cassandra Cain
16 Photos, 8 min of video
Cassandra Cain wears pretty black and maroon lace bra and panties. She also sports an ominous strappy black facial harness that covers her eyes and mouth; and her arms are bound behind her back, her legs strapped down by ankle and thigh to a spartan looking chair. The Hitachi hum...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Blindfold, Bondage
Ballgagged Leather Belt Escape Challenge
Cassandra Cain, Lydia Black
22 Photos, 7 min of video
It’s escape challenge time again as ball gagged and stocking-clad Lydia Black and Cassandra Cain sit on the floor and attempt to get out of the snug wrist and ankle cuffs that keep them in bondage. Lydia works furiously and makes the most progress, but it’s not easy at all! Sighing...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Escape Challenge for Brunette in Rope Hogtie
Cassandra Cain
21 Photos, 9 min of video
Flat on her stomach, clad only in a red sports bra and black shorts, Cassandra Cain’s ankles are hogtied with rope to her wrists. She writhes, her body constantly rubbing against the floor; she sighs through her red ball gag in exhausted frustration, turns over on her back, and...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Escape Challenge, Rope Bondage
Barefoot Cassandra Helplessly Bound in Cuffs and Straps
Cassandra Cain
22 Photos, 5 min of video
Cassandra Cain is restrained mightily with cuffs and straps that cross over and around her body in purple satin bra and panties. She’s sitting up, but her legs are frogtied, her arms are bound behind her, and her neck is tethered with cuff and straps that extend down and around...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage, Escape Challenge
Cassandra on Display
Cassandra Cain, Lydia Black
33 Photos, 8 min of video
Busty Cassandra Cain is secured by cuffs and short chains to a bondage stool on which she kneels, while Lydia Black slaps her butt and brings the Hitachi into play on her vulnerable crotch. Cassandra’s legs look so sexy in her black fishnet stockings and garters and heels! She moans...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Cassandra Cain Bound on Sybian
Cassandra Cain, Lydia Black
18 Photos, 9 min of video
Cassandra Cain is naked and bound to a pole by straps around her neck and with her arms restrained behind her, and her shaved pussy is planted firmly atop the Sybian saddle. An equally naked Lydia Black comes into the scene and feels up Cassandra’s titties and sucks her nipples....

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Sybian
Frogtied Rope Bondage Escape
Cassandra Cain
35 Photos, 20 min of video
From the moment we fade in, Cassandra Cain is moaning and struggling against the elaborate rope bondage that binds her arms in a boxtie and keeps her stockinged calves frogtied to her thighs. Arrayed in orange trimmed nylons and garter belt and matching orange ball gag, she shows...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Escape Challenge, Rope Bondage
Tied and Vibed on Bondage Bed
Cassandra Cain
26 Photos, 10 min of video
Cassandra Cain finds herself ball gagged and in bondage on the black bed, her wrists and ankles secured with rope. Nude except for crotch-cut-out patterned pantyhose and high heels, she moans as she feels the presence of the Hitachi wand at her vulnerable shaved pussy. Spread eagled...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Rope Bondage
Chair Tied Bondage Orgasms
Cassandra Cain
18 Photos, 12 min of video
Big-breasted and topless Cassandra Cain is restrained firmly in rope bondage and ball gagged to a chair in a lonely warehouse, the Hitachi wand snug between her fishnet thighs and pressed to her shaved pussy. Her sighs and moans, and her high heels knocking against the floor, mix...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Rope Bondage
Ball Tied Belt Bondage Escape Challenge
Cassandra Cain
22 Photos, 10 min of video
Cassandra Cain has had her fair share of bondage experiences before, but this one is going to be slightly different. Her challenge today involves attempting to escape the shackles attached to her as quickly as possible, if she can even slip through the leather straps wrapped around...

Tags: Bondage, Escape Challenge


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