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Cassandra Cain's Updates
Frogtied Rope Bondage Escape

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

From the moment we fade in, Cassandra Cain is moaning and struggling against the elaborate rope bondage that binds her arms in a boxtie and keeps her stockinged calves frogtied to her thighs. Arrayed in orange trimmed nylons and garter belt and matching orange ball gag, she shows herself agile, her fingers squirming over her bonds; but her wrists are so skillfully tied itʼs going to take a lot of persistence to get loose. Her writhing digits donʼt give up, though, and Cassandra liberates her wrists just past the seven minute mark. But there are thirteen minutes left to this escape challenge movie, and more than enough yards of rope for Cassandra still to overcome before she can stand free again! Watch her dedicated digits undo the frogtie and then accept the final dare of the ropes that intricately bind her upper arms and torso. Hopefully sheʼll eventually get off her tummy and sit up so we can ogle those juicy naked titties and glimpse her shaved snatch while she squirms!

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Tied and Vibed on Bondage Bed

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage

Cassandra Cain finds herself ball gagged and in bondage on the black bed, her wrists and ankles secured with rope. Nude except for crotch-cut-out patterned pantyhose and high heels, she moans as she feels the presence of the Hitachi wand at her vulnerable shaved pussy. Spread eagled and helpless, she quickly quivers under the buzzy power of the toy, her hands writhing, her big boobs rising and falling, her light tan nipples stiff and pointing upward. She seems to know that bondage orgasms are inevitable, and all her panting and sighing show that her body is progressing rapidly to that erotic destination! Our Fetish Pros cameras come in tight to capture the twitching of her thighs as she groans in non-stop arousal, and the sounds from her throat turning into squeals as her explosion approaches under the suddenly ramped-up speed of the vibe. Afterward she quiets down in much relief and exhaustion!

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Chair Tied Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage

Big-breasted and topless Cassandra Cain is restrained firmly in rope bondage and ball gagged to a chair in a lonely warehouse, the Hitachi wand snug between her fishnet thighs and pressed to her shaved pussy. Her sighs and moans, and her high heels knocking against the floor, mix with the buzzing of the toy to show how aroused she is by her inescapable predicament. Our camera comes in tight to show the throbbing head of the vibe against her as her groaning continues. Oh how good her huge boobs look, so large and naked; if only we could step into the picture and caress her nipples as she aches and squeals toward her bondage orgasms under the ever-increasing speed of the wand!!

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Ball Tied Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge

Cassandra Cain has had her fair share of bondage experiences before, but this one is going to be slightly different. Her challenge today involves attempting to escape the shackles attached to her as quickly as possible, if she can even slip through the leather straps wrapped around her body at all. It's a tough task made tougher by the fact that her hands are pinned together behind her back and a padlock is keeping her head anchored down to her feet. Do you think that Cassandra has the ability to get out of the leather bondage she's currently in? Watch and find out how she does.

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