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Models / Cheyenne Jewel

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Cheyenne Jewel's Updates
Spanking Bench Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Spanking

Paige Pierce is strapped down on her tummy to the spanking bench by pink bonds on her wrists and legs. She hates the color pink, so this just adds to her sense of submission as Cheyenne Jewel strides in ominously on her heavy-sounding heels and smacks Paige’s ass over and over, both with her hands and a black paddle. How quickly Paige’s pale meaty butt and thighs become her hated pink! Cheyenne doesn’t let up on the spanking, until Paige is moaning and anticipating the invasion of the Hitachi wand to give her the bondage orgasms she craves in her vulnerable position. Cheyenne applies the stimulating pleasure of the vibrator while continuing to smack Paige’s ass at the same time, sending the bound beauty into a fit of panting and moans on her way to multiple climax relief. The sight of Paige’s booty bucking up and down as she rubs her pussy against the wand is HOT!!

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Violet Wand Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Naked and spread eagle on her back, cuffed with leather straps and tethered to the floor, Paige Pierce is at the mercy of Cheyenne Jewel, who comes in with a violet wand. Moving the wand from Paige’s breasts to her belly button to her armpits, Cheyenne puts a big smile on the writhing girl’s face. Although interestingly the soles of Paige’s feet don’t seem ticklish at all, Cheyenne persists and discovers the tops of Paige’s feet do have some ticklishness. But such horseplay is just prelude to some real hilarity when Cheyenne uses her fingers to tickle Paige, getting bursts of laughter, before resuming with the violet wand, set on high and aimed squarely at Paige’s helpless pussy. Then she puts another attachment on the wand that looks like a little rake to really drive Paige crazy with more armpit tickling, before finally bringing in the Hitachi wand to serve as back-up on Paige’s final ascent to—IF Cheyenne allows it!—a bondage orgasm!

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Teasing Orgasms Denial

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Cute blonde Cheyenne Jewel is delectable in pink lingerie, ball gagged, cuffed, and bound with straps by her thighs and neck to the bondage chair, arms and barefoot legs spread wide, as Bianca Stone comes slowly striding in on high heels. Brunette Bianca is stern from the git-go, smacking Cheyenne’s tummy and then cutting off her bra and panties with a scissors. Bianca plays with Cheyenne’s pussy meat and slaps her tits and tummy until they’re sizzling pink. As Cheyenne’s moans come fast, Bianca snaps that she doesn’t want to hear them unless the blonde is in real pain or orgasm! Cheyenne squirms as Bianca brings out the Hitachi wand, then whines and squeals and drools in helpless torment as Bianca teases her with bondage orgasms that may or may not be granted. “You’re not going to cum when you want to cum, but when I make you cum!” promises teasing Bianca. See if she keeps her word!

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Cheyenne Sybian Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage Sybian

Cheyenne Jewel sits nude on the Sybian saddle, her arms in rope bondage behind her, her thighs tied with rope too and tethered to metal rings in the floor. Bianca Stone comes in and warms up Cheyenne’s shaved pussy with her hand, then turns on the Sybian so it thrums against the slender blonde’s vulnerable mound. We get a great shot of Cheyenne’s tush from behind as she rubs against the saddle, then the camera stays in the front as Bianca wildly rubs Cheyenne’s clit as the machine buzzes beneath her. Bianca ramps up the speed as a squealing Cheyenne rolls her eyes back in her head and pants in release while Bianca plays with her nipples, fingers her mouth, and generally makes Cheyenne her Sybian plaything. It’s hot to see the flesh-colored attachment fluttering against Cheyenne’s slit, and soon she screams, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” We can almost smell the sweat of her writhing body!

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Cheyenne Bed Bound Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage

Barefoot and naked on the black bed, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles tied to the corners with rope bondage, ball-gagged blonde Cheyenne Jewel is utterly at the mercy of the huge Hitachi wand snugly pressed against her shaven pussy. She writhes and whimpers, squeals and pants, as the relentlessly throbbing head of the toy sends one bondage orgasm after another through her vulnerable core. Our Fetish Pros camera comes so close you can see the crinkly hardness of her pink nipples, watch the curling of her soles with shiny blue-polished toenails, and imagine taking a whiff of her helpless pussy as Cheyenne twists under the onslaught of inescapable climaxes as she tugs at her bonds and practically sobs in her bondage predicament!

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2 Girl Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Dark blonde Paige Pierce and auburn-haired Cheyenne Jewel are both on the floor, laying on their tummies with their arms box tied behind them and their legs frog tied. Barefoot and naked, they wiggle trying to slip out of rope bondage, rising to the escape challenge. Paige turns out to be faster and more nimble, and slips both arms and legs free. Which means she gets to spread the still-bound legs of a giggling Cheyenne and press the Hitachi wand tight in the groove of the shaved Jewel snatch. Cheyenne gives Paige’s butt a little bite while Paige works her cunny over with the toy, but Cheyenne keeps writhing until the throbbing of the vibe makes her succumb with sighing and gasping to the delicious edging of the toy—until finally her helpless body explodes in bondage orgasm!

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Cheyenne and Bianca Foot Worship

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship

When you have a woman with a pair of feet as impressive as Bianca's, it's only right that they're given extra special attention for a slave that realizes just how lucky they are to be in the position that they are. Up for the task is a sub that goes by the name of Cheyenne Jewel and by all accounts, this blonde cutie is going to do all that it takes to worship the hell out of these perfect feet. Wrapped in nylon and begging to be licked, her feet are given the VIP treatment from the back of her ankles to the tips of her toes. For doing such a great job, Cheyenne is given an extra special treat at the end of this session of admiration.

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Cheyenne Jewel Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Cheyenne Jewel bounced at the opportunity to appear as the lead actress in a short film entitled "Escape Struggle" when the role was offered to her: she might have thought twice before signing the contract if it was known at the time that she was the only person being cast! She was instructed to break free of her bondage as quickly as possible, and that if her time breaking out wasn't satisfactory, she wouldn't be paid. It's a race against the clock as Cheyenne does everything she can to remove the rope wrapped around her impressive body. Do you think she's got what it takes to put on an Oscar winning performance? Watch to find out.

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Dolly Bound and Tickled by Cheyenne

Categories: Bondage

Dolly Leigh has been a bad tenant to Cheyenne Jewel so Cheyenne gags and ties Dolly to spreader bar. Cheyenne decides to tickle Dolly which Dolly hates and lets you know with her squirms and squeals. After throwing in a few spanks to brighten up her ass, Cheyenne leaves Dolly tied up and frustrated.

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Cheyenne Rope Hogtied Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Cheyenne tries her very best to get out of the hogtie she has found herself in. She struggles fantastically as she tries to reach the knot at her ankles. Watch her gasp through her ball gag as she tires herself out.

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Addie Straijacket Struggle

Categories: Belt Bondage Straight Jacket

Cheyenne Jewel comes in to supervise straitjacketed mental patient Addie Juniper, finding the girl on her tummy, her bare feet and ankles cuffed as well. She gags her mouth with panties and white tape, then spanks her butt through her blue panties while the girl moans and groans. Those bare soles are a temptation too, so Cheyenne tickles them a bit. Then Miss Jewel decides to torture Addie by making her sniff her sweaty high heels, as an appetizer to sniffing her steamy nylon-clad feet. Next she removes Addie’s gag so that she can make the girl worship her stocking feet. “Open up and taste the toe!” Cheyenne says, “worship them and kiss!” Addie smooches all over Cheyenne’s feet, frowning and gagging as her tongue flicks over the nylons. Addie’s rebellious attitude clearly calls for more spanking and then foot-and-thigh tickling that gets her laughing hilariously. Then Cheyenne takes pity on Addie before she’s locked away in the hospital’s mental ward, and brings out the Hitachi wand which she plants between the girl’s legs while continuing to spank her. But although Cheyenne lets her have one orgasm, she cruelly cuts Addie off from a second and leaves her to struggle in her straitjacket while waiting for the nurses to take her away!

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Addie Tickles Cheyenne

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Cheyenne Jewel is seated on the bed, arms tied behind her back, a simple chest harness for support, and ankles tied, pulled tight to a tie point below. Addie Juniper comes in and she's all set to play! Tickling Cheyenne, Addie knows she's going to have fun, but Cheyenne is intent on making as much of a ruckus as possible, hoping the neighbors will hear! Addie simply pulls out a gag to shut her up, then she strips off Cheyenne's shoes and tickles her feet mercilessly! Addie cuts off Cheyenne's stockings to reveal her bare feet and tickles her some more! Finally Addie pulls out a hitachi and shoves it in Cheyenne's crotch. Pulling Cheyenne's knees up to gain better access, Addie soon has Cheyenne ready to cum! But it's more tickle torture before any orgasm happens!

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