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Models / Daisy Ducati

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Daisy Ducati's Updates
Goth Cheerleader Slut Training


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Handcuffed Bondage BlowJob

Categories: Bondage Handcuffed

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Spread Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Daisy Ducati was silly enough to tell her new boyfriend that she has an interest in BDSM, but the reality is that watching 50 Shades of Grey a couple of times on Netflix does not make you a fully trained submissive. Watch on as Daisy finds herself bound to a concrete wall, spread eagle and unable to remove her clit from the Hitachi pushed up against her soaking wet ebony pussy. When the switch is flipped, Daisy soon starts to experience what it's like to be a real sex slave: her stomach is quickly covered in saliva from her ballgagged mouth and her body begins a series of pulses that take her from incredibly tense to entirely limp. The world needs more black women who are willing to submit.

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Redhead Slut Training

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage

The best type of slave is one that knows how to act like a slut, but Daisy Ducati feels that Alex Empire could do with a little brushing up in that regard to truly consider herself a good sub. This ginger-haired whore in training is going to be put through the paces by her Mistress as she's commanded to collect dildos with her mouth, spectate some Hitachi masturbation from mere inches away and rub her pussy into oblivion while this mistress writes obscene things on her slave's body with a Sharpie.

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Bound Orgasms and Electric Play

Categories: Ball Gagged Blindfold Bondage

As Daisy Ducati enters the room, she explains to Charlotte Sartre exactly what the deal is: "Completely exposed and available for my use." – is there anything sexier than an ebony Mistress who knows that she's in control? Her Gothic sub looks delicious with her heavily tattooed body, black hair and pierced nipples fully on display: lezdom is always better when you've got a slave that looks as good as this. Soon enough, Charlotte is blindfolded and ballgagged so that she can truly feel helpless as an electric shocker wielded by her Dominatrix is utilized. Stick around for the ending on this one: the punishment is exquisite to witness.

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Daisy's Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Bianca and Daisy only met a few days ago, but they've been getting along like a house on fire. Today, Daisy wanted to experiment with taking things a little further than ever before. In her own words, she wants to "make a fucking mess" and luckily for her, Bianca's on hand with her tools to assist in this little adventure. To start things off, Daisy's clit is given a little finger stimulation before two fingers are slowly inserted inside her tight cunt that is begging to be pounded. This pretty ebony's pussy was begging for the Hitachi treatment and that's when things really started to become interesting. Chances are you'll lose count of the number of times this pussy is milked: she doesn't seem to stop squirting.

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Alex Empire Tickling and Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Tickling

If you've ever wanted to know what happens when an ebony dominatrix gets her hands on a white sub, today's your lucky day. Daisy Ducati invited her newest recruit over to the dungeon for some play and naturally, Alex Empire was powerless to resist the offer. Trapped in a set of stocks and with her hands tied above her head, Alex is tickled to the point of torture across every inch of her impressive body. Even her feet are given special attention from a hair brush – Daisy believes that sometimes, the simplest forms of torture are the best for her slaves.

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Kay and Daisy Escape Attempt

Categories: Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Bound in belts, on the floor, with hands tied behind their backs, Daisy Ducati and Kay Kardia are challenged to escape AND be the first to grab the sole hitachi! Playful wrestling, biting and face smothering are all part of the action as each girl struggles to keep the hitachi in their own lap! Ready, set, go!!

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Daisy Bound Hooters Girl

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Daisy Ducati sure finds herself in a fix! Clad in a waitress uniform with tank top, shorts, and shiny nude pantyhose, her arms are bound with ropes and attached to posts and pulled behind her, and her legs are tied at the knees with her left leg hogtied to her wrists. Her white sneakers and socks gleam against the floor as she writhes. Then suddenly the long arm of the sex toy positioned at her crotch turns on, sending vibrations straight into her crotch. Her eyes half-rolling up into her head, Daisy groans not just against her bonds now but also at the growing arousal she cannot fight and which puts a big smile on her face despite the black ball gag in her mouth. “Oh fuck!!” she gasps, her voice crying out at the inescapable satisfaction her pussy is subjected to! Our camera hovers above to capture the beautiful form of this gorgeous girl splayed out on the floor in her tight bondage, her crotch shaking on the vibe that sends her over the top again and again even as the puddle of drool from her slurping ball gagged mouth grows under her arm!

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Daisy Teased and Tickled by Kay

Categories: Bondage Tickling

Daisy Ducati pays a visit to the FetishPros studio and finds an old friend, Kay Kardia, more than willing to have fun with her! Kay has Daisy on her back, wrists and ankles tied to four corners as Kay has tickle torture on her mind! Daisy, wearing stockings and garters, heels, and a cute matching panty and top, is soon laughing uncuntrollably! Yes, unCUNTrollably as her pussy gets wet from the constant tickling! Groped, teased and taunted, Daisy is in for a wild afternoon with Kay Kardia!

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Kay Chained up and Teased

Categories: Bondage Chained

Gagged and wearing a corset and stockings with garters, Kay Kardia is laying on her side, hands chained together in front of her, ankles chained, too, at the opposite end of the bed. Daisy Ducati comes in and immediately grabs a handful of ass. Kay is hers and Daisy wants to play! Telling Kay that her pussy is "Mine", Daisy slips a finger down Kay's already slipper slit. Then Daisy crops Kay's hot little ass, telling Kay not to look at her! Daisy's not playing around! In this hot 13 minute clip, Daisy continues to tease Kay, insinuating orgasmic bliss is about to occur, but each time, Daisy removed the pleasure and replaces it with pain! Finally, Daisy seems to take pity on Kay as she removes her gag and initiates a furious handjob on Kay! Oh man, Handjobs never looked so go Daisy!

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Daisy Ducati on Sybian

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Rope Bondage Sybian

Kay Kardia has Daisy Ducati sitting on a sybian, with her hands in a box-tie, tied to a simple chest harness. Kay's in a playful mood, or should we say, HORNY mood, as her hands roam the tight body of Daisy! With a bit gag in her mouth, Daisy can't say much, but Kay knows some high heel worship is just what's needed, as Kay makes Daisy stick her tongue out to lick her heels. As reward, Kay turns the sybian on and as Daisy gets lost in the sensations, Kay continues to grope and fondle this sexy babe! Just when you think Kay will allow Daisy to cum, Kay walks out of the room....but she's right off set...will she come back to let Daisy Cum...or is Daisy hung out to dry???

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