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Models / Daisy Ducati

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Daisy Ducati's Updates
Wet Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Asia and Daisy are sitting naked on the floor, their wrists tied in bondage to their knees, and it’s clear from the outset that Daisy is really way ahead in this challenge! Gleefully the quickly-freed curvy-haired beauty leaps up and grabs the Hitachi wand. Even though Asia achieves her own escape only mere moments later, Daisy has won and her reward is that she can do whatever she wants to the slender blue-haired Asian minx. Daisy chortles in delight as she presses the throbbing vibrator against the Perez pussy, getting the situation well in hand despite a laughing Asia trying to writhe out of her grasp. Soon enough Asia blows out a gushing g-spot orgasm all over the floor, a gleaming puddle of girl giz beneath their bodies and feet!! But Daisy is not finished; as the winner of the challenge, she wants to cum too, and she kneels next to Asia and masturbates furiously with hand and Hitachi!

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Daisy and Sheena Bondage Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Daisy Ducati stands over a rope-bound and ball gagged Sheena Rose and jokingly bemoans the fact that the gag will get in the way of her strap-on receiving the blowjob it craves. So off comes the gag when Sheena promises to be a good girl and deliver what Mistress Daisy will require: to submissively slobber and gag all over Daisy’s purple rubber dick! “Make a fucking mess for me!” decrees Daisy, gripping Sheena’s jaw and riding her mouth mercilessly until Miss Rose’s blue eyes roll back into her head in what looks like a perfect combination of utter ecstasy and delightful degradation. In one shot, we see Daisy’s butt from behind as she crams Sheena’s mouth, and simultaneously we observe the saliva showering down from Sheena’s spit goatee onto a chest tattoo which reads: “I’m Not Afraid.” Obviously not!! Sheena’s clearly ready for the first Blowjob Olympics in this sight-and-sound symphony of ultra-raunchy bondage oral sex you cannot miss.

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Daisy Bondage Orgasms on Sybian

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Sybian

Daisy Ducati is nude, ball gagged, her arms bound with purple rope, and planted firmly on the Sybian saddle as blue-haired Asia Perez comes in to gloat over her captive. Asia flicks on the remote control and in moments Daisy’s shaved pussy is quivering as Asia’s hands roam over her tawny, vulnerable body, while talking to Daisy in a teasing, taunting way as she increases the speed of the vibrations until it almost sounds like an airplane is between her thighs. Daisy’s squeals grow deep and throaty as her body aches and arches in ever-building arousal. But though the bondage orgasms are inevitable, Asia wants to edge Daisy for as long as she can, tantalizing the helplessly restrained redhead who bites her red ball gag and is clearly hoping desperately needed relief will come to her cunny soon as the bubbles of saliva pop out of her lips and Asia leaves her all alone to rocket inescapably to climax!

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Spread and Teased Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Sheena Rose is splayed spread-eagle in all her tight-bod tattooed glory, cuffed to the floor naked as Daisy Ducati runs her tawny hands over that ivory form. She plays with Sheena’s shaved meaty pussy, squeezing and teasing it before bringing the Hitachi wand into play. She presses it against Sheena’s pie even as she explains that Miss Rose must be a good girl and do nothing, including cumming, without Mistress Daisy’s permission! Daisy rubs the vibe against Sheena’s thick pencil eraser nipples, then moves down to her pussy again to rub and finger her to her first bondage orgasm. Daisy notes how Sheena’s clit is so pink with arousal that it matches Daisy’s nail polish! And Daisy is hardly done with her more than willing victim, even as she gives us a nice view of her amazing derriere too as she kneels between Sheena’s thighs and further tantalizes the helpless girl with the wand, even to having Sheena give herself her own cum countdown!

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Agatha Spread Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Blonde Agatha Delicious is in quite a bondage predicament. Bare-breasted, only in her stockings, garter belt, her fishnet-clad tiptoes chained and cuffed to the floor, her shaved pussy exposed, she is ripe for the probing fingers of her domina, Daisy Ducati. It’s so hot seeing Daisy’s tawny hands squeezing and kneading Agatha’s vulnerable ivory flesh! Agatha addresses Daisy as “Mistress” from the moment Ms. Ducati shows up and even as she applies the Hitachi wand to Agatha’s pie. “Please don’t stop, Mistress, I’ll do anything,” promises Agatha, and you know that Daisy will keep her to her word! Agatha squeals and begs and sighs as Mistress Daisy toys with her. Then out comes the ball gag as the fun ramps up even hotter. “Don’t forget to beg!” chuckles Daisy as Agatha whines for mercy through her gag...a mercy, however, that it doesn’t look as if she really wants. See Daisy even tickle Agatha’s feet before sending her slave pussy to bondage orgasm heaven!

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Punished on the Spanking Bench

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Spanking

Our video opens with the tread of Daisy Ducati’s shiny black high heel platform boots, as she comes upon a naked barefoot Charlotte Sartre strapped down in bondage to the spanking bench. Daisy takes rich delight in making those pale Charlotte cheeks pink with lots of smacking from her slender tawny beautifully manicured hands. Soon Daisy gets Charlotte making piggy oinks too, even as the playful punishment continues on those soft ivory cheeks. But Daisy is interested in another pinkness of Charlotte’s as well, and spreads wide her happy victim’s pie to check it out. Yes, lots of pinkness here as Daisy spanks Charlotte’s thighs too, and fingers and rubs that helpless snatch. “Does the greedy little piggy want more?” Daisy asks, throwing her booted leg across Charlotte’s waist. Of course the answer is yes, as Charlotte yelps in pleasure with each new smack, before the Hitachi wand pays her pussy a visit for bondage orgasm relief!

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Asia Electric Play and Teasing Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Chained

Asia Perez is chained naked by cuffs on her wrists and ankles to a bondage chair, with her thighs strapped down too. Enter Daisy Ducati, bearing a toy that zaps Asia’s vulnerable skin with bursts of static electricity. “You’re so cute when you squirm,” says Daisy to the helpless girl, whose shaved pussy offers a perfect target for the buzzy treatment. “Aren’t you just adorable,” teases Daisy, “wiggling all over with nowhere to go! You’re stuck here with entertainment, my little playtoy to torture and torment!” Daisy zeroes in on Asia’s pussy, hovering the electric toy mere centimeters from the bare lips of her pie. But Asia begs “no, anywhere but there!!” so Daisy detours to other parts...Asia’s feet, her nipples, even as she fingers the trapped girl. And then it’s Hitachi wand time! Alternating the two toys, Daisy soon sends Asia into bursts of laughter as well as bondage orgasms.

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Alex Empire - OTK Spanking

Categories: Spanking

Daisy Ducati walks into the scene on her black high heels, in a slinky dominatrix dress, and barefoot slavegirl Alex Empire follows, crawling behind her and going across Daisy’s lap on a straight-back chair. Naughty Alex gets her loose red frock pulled up and she’s spanked on her big white jiggly redhead’s bottom! Daisy’s red-manicured hands warm up that tushy with smack after smack. Daisy spanks with one hand or two hands, peppering those cheeks with slaps until they glow with pinkness. Then the pair switch positions and Alex straddles her mistress on the chair, shaking her butt as Daisy practically plays bongos on her butt! The bad girl’s behind gets redder and redder under Daisy’s firm but playful discipline. We get such great shots of those hot quivering buns that we can almost feel the heat rising from them ourselves!

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Cuffed, Spread Eagle Tease and Tickle

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms cuff Tickling

Naked Daisy Ducati is spread eagle, chained on her back to the floor by cuffs as Bianca Stone comes in to tease and tickle-torture her! Bianca scratches lightly at Daisy’s waist to get the girl laughing wildly as she tries to writhe away. But this is only the beginning, as Bianca brings over the massive Hitachi wand too even as she keeps getting in surprise tickles that make Daisy screech and twist against her inescapable restraints. Bianca reaches over to tease the Daisy soles and toes even as she presses the vibe tight on the Ducati pie. The hum is loud and Daisy starts to get hot until Bianca pulls the toy away to get in some more tickling. But then Bianca decides to sincerely focus on trying to give Daisy a bondage orgasm with the vibe...or does she?? To be tickled or to cum--that is the question! This is an epic tickle fest indeed!!

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Daisy and Sheena Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

The keys lay so tantalizingly near on the floor, and locked in cuffs with her wrists and arms bound behind her, Paige Pierce faces an intense escape challenge! Writhing over on the floor, she manages to get the keys, but will she be able to maneuver them to open the padlocks on those cuffs which also bind her high-heel shod ankles and feet? On her stomach on the cold warehouse floor, only in black lace bra and panties, Paige works like Houdini to try to do something with those locks. Panting in frustration, she keeps at it, exerting all her strength and agility. Her frustration grows but, muttering to herself, she tries to persist and defeat this bondage. Finally she sits up and manages to get a key into an ankle lock. Will this be the beginning of hard-fought freedom??

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Goth Cheerleader Slut Training


Daisy Ducati really has cheerleader Charlotte Sartre's number. She places her down on a chair and quickly sees that the Goth cutie wears no panties under her uniform, nor a bra. Daisy asks Charlotte how many football stud cocks she's sucked, if she's had an Eiffel Tower-style threeway, and tells her she's under Daisy's supervision now. Daisy plays with Charlotte's pierced nipples and tickles her to hilarious spurts of laughter. They discuss Charlotte's lack of sexual self-control at school which has made her "mighty popular," even as Daisy toys with her snatch. But Daisy has a surprise and tells Charlotte their encounter is about DAISY today and her magnificent ass and pussy and what SHE wants, and soon Charlotte gets an education in lesbian tease-and-denial via Daisy's Hitachi wand!

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Handcuffed Bondage BlowJob

Categories: Bondage Handcuffed

No hands oral is what Daisy Ducati has to do for Bianca Stone's shiny black strap-on. With her wrists handcuffed behind her back, she kneels on her sexy tawny haunches in front of her mistress and goes deep as she drools the saliva like crazy, her frizzy reddish ponytail bobbing behind her. Our Fetish Pros camera gets great angles-from underneath, from above, from the sides-as this "nasty lesbian slut" (as Bianca describes Daisy) applies the deep throat action fiercely so that Bianca can feel arousing pressure against her clit under the strap-on. Just the audio symphony of Bianca's slurping in her oral bondage servitude is a huge turn-on! And her long tongue and dripping chin is a spectacle of submissive magnificence. You'll be surprised at some of the husky sounds a sucking woman can make after hearing Daisy in action.

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