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Models / Delirious Hunter

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Delirious Hunter's Updates
Delirious Armbinder Escape

Categories: Arm Binder Bondage Escape Challenge

Delirious Hunter is one crafty, clever lady! We place her in strict leather armbinder, with straps around her torso and the binder. As this is her first time in the FetishPros studio, we leave off that last super strict through the crotch strap, but we still don't think she's getting loose anyhow. So we turn her loose...her long blond hair falling around her face, this struggle is sexy as fuck! Delirious' ass looks spankable as she bends over trying to break her straps free. Wearing a matching panty and bra set, and barefoot, Delirious looks super sexy and is moving with great effort to bust loose. Then bam, one torso strap falls away! This sexy contortionist then moves her shoulder almost snapping out of socket! She's hell bent on getting loose! And that's ok, this time...because next time, it's the crotch strap, too!

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Exposed Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Delirious Hunter is in a very exposed position, bound by her hands and ankles to the floor but standing with her head down and ass up. After a few quick slaps, her mistress Dolly Leigh applies the Hitachi wand on her covered pussy, but then takes down Delirious’s panties to play with her bare pussy. Dolly fingers the pinkness, then lubes her slave’s shaved snatch and brings out a blue glass ribbed dildo that goes right in. Dolly looks sexy in her black lingerie and stockings as she leans over the helpless Delirious, smacking her ass from time to time as she fucks the horny girl deep in her hole. “Thank you, Dolly,” says Delirious, being a well-mannered slavegirl. “Thank you for teasing and pleasuring me and tying me up,” she goes on, “it turns me on to know I can’t move or escape and just have to take it!” Dolly chuckles at her slave’s total submissiveness and continues to rub her snatch while she penetrates her with the toy as Delirious moans and groans. Then Dolly brings a pink pocket vibe into the equation, and then slips it all the way inside of Delirious while working over the outside with the throbbing wand. It’s no surprise that Delirious cums long and hard—but only after she asks permission from Mistress Dolly, who then leaves the pink toy still buzzing inside Delirious and just walks away with her still standing there bound and helpless!!

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Stretched on the Sybian

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Rope Bondage

Blonde Delirious Hunter is at Dolly Leigh’s mercy! With her ankles bound with ropes and cuffs to posts, her hands cuffed behind her with rope, she sits on Dolly’s Sybian saddle with the dildo attachment pressed against the crotch of her purple panties. Dolly teases her with the different speeds of the Sybian vibrations, and Delirious pledges to be the best slave possible for Dolly if she’ll let her cum on the Sybian. To make Delirious feel even more submissive, Dolly straps a pink ball gag in her mouth and gets Delirious begging to cum, tantalizing the slave with the powerful humming vibrations until she bites down tight on the ball gag and writhes in orgasm. Dolly gets her slave saying “thank you” through her gag even as she ups the Sybian speed for yet another unstoppable climax. Then to tease her further, Dolly puts the Sybian remote control on the floor and says that if Delirious wants another orgasm, all she has to do is help herself to the keys to her bondage—also on the floor—and then free herself. As if she can!!

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Delirious Straitjacket Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Straight Jacket

Delirious Hunter is gagged and strapped into a straitjacket! With her ankles and legs strapped to the jacket, she's in a modified hog tie, and Miss Dolly Leigh is the perfect Top to put her through the paces! Forced to squirm around on the floor, Dolly has Delirious try to mount a hitachi. Tickling and teasing her, Dolly has Delirious in a predicament! With high pitched giggles and a full mouth gag piece in, we can't understand a single thing Delirious tries to say and she's drooling profusely. It's hot, toppy action, with Dolly and a great, playful submissive in Delirious!

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