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Dolly Leigh's Updates
My Little Dolly

Categories: Ball Gagged Blindfold Bondage

Stunningly sexy in her pink-and-black bra and hot pink leggings, barefoot Missy Minks puts obedient and topless Dolly Leigh into collar, cuffs, and blindfold as she discusses with fans watching on an off-camera webcam site what identity the very pliable Dolly should be today. A doll, a filthy whore, a piggy slut, a fuck hole? They decide that after every time Missy spanks her, Dolly will say, “Fuck me, thank you.” Although that becomes tricky with a ball gag stuffed in her mouth. Yes, there's definitely a mood of playful humiliation at work here in this new video! Dolly is really under Missy's power, with her wrist cuffs linked to her collar, as Missy takes down Dolly’s panties and then plays with the helpless girl’s pussy. Amid Dolly’s little whimpers and squeals, Missy puts the Hitachi wand between Dolly’s thighs and we can almost feel the wetness that begins to flow between the Leigh lips! Meanwhile, Missy teases Dolly on how difficult to understand she becomes with a ball gag in her mouth. Wow, how sexy Dolly looks kneeling, blindfolded, gagged, and totally vulnerable as she waits for Missy to do more stuff to her! But the fun is only beginning for this epic forty-minute video as Missy takes off her bra and leggings and, naked now herself, settles into really driving Dolly crazy with that toy...before taking out Dolly’s ball gag so the still-blindfolded girl can suck Missy’s titties...and before getting Dolly on her hands and knees so her sweet ivory tush juts out for Missy’s slaps and that Hitachi! And much Dolly's first experience with nipple clamps, barefoot tickling and slapping, and being used as a footrest by Missy!!

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Im Outta Here

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge Tickling

Missy Minks is tied down to the floor. On her back, with legs and arms spread, cuffs at the ankles, thighs, biceps and wrists an one across her torso, Missy looks to be pretty much secure. Then on comes Dolly Leigh and Serena Blair, carrying frozen cubes of ice on strings! It's going to be an ice cold droplets torture! And that's exactly what the girls do to poor Missy! Dripping ice cold water on Missy's face, torso and feet, Missy writhes and wriggles with no chance to escape! That's when the girls get mean and decide to tickle torture Missy. From head to toe Missy endures the torture, uncontrollably laughing, and when Dolly starts tickling Missy at the armpits, Missy suddenly pulls her wrists and arms out of her cuffs! What!?! We thought she was completely vulnerable! And that's when Missy says, "You never shoulda gone for my armpits...I'm outta here!"

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Bella Suspended in Straitjacket

Categories: Bondage Straight Jacket

Barefoot, with her ankles bound and hovering over the floor, naughty Bella is suspended and wrapped in a straitjacket! What could she have done?? Dolly Leigh comes in, very pretty in black and pink bra, garter belt, matching panties, and stockings, and taunts Bella about having cheated in a dance contest. Bella frowns and denies her allegations, but Dolly smacks her with a paddle to show she’s wise to all her tricks! Dolly decides to have some fun with Bella, who’s clearly going nowhere. She introduces bad Bella to her big throbbing wand, pressing it against Bella’s crotch. Even though Bella is wearing panties, the vibrations penetrate deeply as Dolly continues to interrogate her about the various dishonest things she’s done as a member of the dance team. Soon Bella’s body starts surrendering to the pleasure of the vibe even as Dolly keeps uncovering more and more of the underhanded behavior that Bella practiced, like stealing dance routines. Dolly denies Bella an orgasm just as she gets to the brink, and Bella pouts and writhes in her straitjacket, feeling the full embarrassment of not just her bondage but her exposure as a slutty little sneak whose lying mouth deserves to be ball gagged too! And when Bella finally does get to cum, clever Dolly makes sure it’s as much humiliation as relief!

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Strapped Down and Pushed to Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Dolly Leigh, strapped onto the floor on her back, with a hitachi strapped to her inner thigh. It's buzzing away, pushing Dolly to near orgasmic overload. She probably wants to get up, but the torso straps, thigh straps and ankle/wrist and bicep straps are making it impossible for her to move! There was a time when Dolly was an escape artist. You know. that time when FetishPros takes it easy on the new girls?Haha, poor Dolly, she hasn't been "new" in sometime, so I guess it's the strictest of straps for her! Moan away, Miss's orgasmic overload for you!

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Dolly Bound and Tickled by Cheyenne

Categories: Bondage

Dolly Leigh has been a bad tenant to Cheyenne Jewel so Cheyenne gags and ties Dolly to spreader bar. Cheyenne decides to tickle Dolly which Dolly hates and lets you know with her squirms and squeals. After throwing in a few spanks to brighten up her ass, Cheyenne leaves Dolly tied up and frustrated.

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Dolly Leather Cuff Boxtie Struggle

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage

Wearing some super sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie, Dolly Leigh is in a leather strap boxtie, with her ankles cuffed and tied to the boxtie. On the floor, gagged, she's left to struggle, and struggle she does for almost 6 minutes. Only Dolly can moan in the sexiest of manners and as she continues to roll around the floor in a vain attempt to break free, her predicament appears to be hopeless!

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Cheyenne Rope Hogtied Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Cheyenne tries her very best to get out of the hogtie she has found herself in. She struggles fantastically as she tries to reach the knot at her ankles. Watch her gasp through her ball gag as she tires herself out.

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Dolly Rope Bondage Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Miss Dolly Leigh is wearing an adorable peach nightie, with white stockings and panties. She's a fucking dream! And the FetishPros crew has her gagged , with her arms and legs tied into a single column tie. We've purposely left her just enough room to reach the tie point, so what we want to know is how much will she have to struggle to get loose?! And will she even try to reach the tie point? Rolling around in her hot outfit, Dolly's ass comes right into the camera, and right into your face! Shooting from up above, we stare at Dolly's stocking clad feet as she continues to struggle to get free. Watch this sexy babe roll around in her attempt to get free!

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Andrea Rosu Straitjacket Tickling

Categories: Blindfold Straight Jacket Tickling

It’s Andrea Rosu’s first time in a straitjacket, and Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks are supervising! First we see her being strapped in by the two cuties. The girls are all chuckling and chatty as she’s bound, then they get her down with her pantyhose legs spread and strapped to the floor: thighs, calves, and ankles. “Two pretty women taking care of me—a situation I could get used to!” jokes Andrea, little guessing what’s to come. She begins to look a little uncertain as her friends then secure her by ropes to the top of the bondage frame, so that she is truly immobilized in place. Dolly and Missy tickle her legs and that’s when the horny hilarity really ramps up. Andrea’s got a very sexy laugh, too! They take off her high heels, rip her hose to expose her toes, and then get into more tickle torture. When Andrea snaps at Dolly with her teeth, Missy puts in a ball gag. Missy keeps calling Andrea their “puppet”—and she does look like a marionette in her bonds—and then it’s time for some teasing with the Hitachi. It is super-hot to watch Andrea totally helpless at the hands of these two clever girls. The only thing that quiets her down is the throbbing and humming of the vibe on her snatch—temporarily, because Andrea is quite the redheaded tigress as she tries to wiggle her bare toes away from Missy! That’s when they bring a toothbrush into the barefoot tickle scenario...and a blindfold!!

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Dolly Wet T-Shirt

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Frog tied, gagged, with hands behind her back, Dolly Leigh is the perfect plaything for Andre Shakti! Teased with her blouse pulled up and her perky tits exposed, Dolly doesn't seem to mind relinquishing control! And just as Dolly heats up with Andre's sexy, controlling touch, Andre cools her down with a pair of ice cubes dangling above, dripping ice cold water on Dolly's perky tits! As each drop falls, leaving Dolly's white top looking sheer, Andre works the hitachi over her panty clad pussy! Moaning with ecstasy, Dolly is about to explode with heat! Ice her down Andre!

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Dolly Ice Queen

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Dolly is strapped in a hogtie and she is not happy! Dressed as a winter snow bunny, perhaps her furry leg warmers aren’t serving her very well. She gets no leverage on the floor beneath her and just whimpers in sadness and frustration. Its ALMOST like you could feel sorry for her!

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Piper and Dolly Enduring Pleasure

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Orgasm Challenge

Piper Rage and Dolly Leigh are flat on their backs, their wrists cuffed and their ankles bound to the floor and joined, with Hitachi wands securely strapped to their thighs and angled into their crotches, sending them into one wave of pleasure after another! Dolly has a bit in her mouth but that doesn’t prevent her from making plenty of noise. It’s a duet of ecstatic sighs and groans as the girls, suspended by their waists to be slightly off the floor, writhe in helpless climaxes as their bare feet curl and their hips quiver. Dolly and Piper’s crotches shake and they cry out over their trembling legs as yet another explosion hits those pussies. With the non-stop hum of the vibrators, their whines and bleating make a sweet symphony of feminine helplessness and erotic excitement!

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