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Ingrid Mouth's Updates
Dolly turns the table on Ingrid

Categories: Rope Bondage

Dolly Leigh gets her revenge on Ingrid in this orgasm challenge. Ingrid is tied helplessly to the bed with her legs spread open as Dolly teases her with an hitachi and some spanks on her perfectly positioned ass. As ingrid gets worked up she begs for more and just as it seems like things may be going in her favor there’s a surprise twist to this scene. Watch as Dolly turns the table on Ingrid and has a roaring orgasm of her own!

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Ruby Tied to a tree and Tickled

Categories: Rope Bondage Tickling

Ingrid Mouth ties Ruby Angel to a tree, in public of course, and tickles her mercilessly! First Ingrid stuffs a foam ball into Ruby's mouth, then places tape over it and around Ruby's head. Tying Ruby's hands, Ingrid then pulls the rope up and over the tree, securing Ruby's hands to the tree branch above her, forcing her to stand on tiptoe. Ruby's tits are now exposed, her torn stockings being shredded even more, as Ingrid begins her tickle torture. The crowd loves the scene and as Ingrid closes the scene, Ruby is made to stand barefoot in the sandy planter box, as JJrigs talks over the scene with a bystander. Oh to be there...!

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The Perfect Orgasm

Categories: Ball Gagged Rope Bondage

Part two of a predicament position for Ingrid Mouth! Ingrid finds herself still gagged and bound at the wrists and ankles, as Juliette March pervs on her precarious position and of course plots to use Ingrids hot little body for her own pleasure! Juliette enters the room as Ingrid writhes on the bed, hoping to mount the hitachi, left close by...but it's still off! Juliette teases her by turning it on and makes Ingrid drool on her hand for lube! Groped and teased, Ingrid is in a frazzle by the time Juliette gets her close to cumming! It's getting so close, you can see the anticipation in Ingrids beautiful blue eyes...and that's when it gets interesting!

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Ingrid Tease and Tickle Initiation

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Juliette March and Missy Minks have a new friend in their bedroom...Ingrid Mouth! Juliette tries to tickle Missy, who immediately shuts her down...but soon enough Juliette and Missy find out their new friend Ingrid is a tickle loving whore! At first Ingrid tries to deny that she's ticklish, but it's so apparent, soon Juliette and Missy have poor Ingrid compromised in wrist and ankle cuffs, which are then tied off to their famous bondage bed! We know Ingrid is in for big trouble, or the time of her life, when both girls bring out a hitachi and it's then double hitachi action on Ingrids feet and panty clad pussy! Ingrid likes it so much, she can't contain her orgasm! Tickling and bondage at its best, with three hot babes!

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Dolly's Personal Trainer

Categories: Bondage Straight Jacket

It's good to be healthy, so when Dolly Leigh hires on new trainer Ingrid Mouth, it looks like Dolly is doing right by herself. But Ingrid is no ordinary trainer and when Dolly starts slacking off, Ingrid knows exactly what type of "training" Dolly needs! Finding herself going from sit ups to straitjacket, Dolly is in a quandary! Ingrid tosses Dolly around, stepping on her, paddling her with a crop and doing just about whatever she wants! We'd hope that Dolly would learn her lesson after just a few minutes of this type of training, but we're not so sure now. Dolly may need a weeks worth or longer of this training and good for us!

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Ingrid and Juliette Strapped Together

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Orgasm Challenge

Ingrid Mouth and Juliette March are cute and sexy and so friendly, Missy Minks decides to strap them face to face, tight body to tight body, perky titties to perky titties, sweaty thighs to sweaty thighs and wet pussy to wet pussy! Strapped at the chest, torso, legs and ankles, with one hand tied behind their back, Juliette and Ingrid are gagged and then writhe in ecstasy as Missy pushes a hitachi in between their tight thighs! Now the fun begins as Ingrid pumps her ass towards Juliette, trying to get the majority of the vibration from the hitachi! Moans of pleasure escape the lips of both girls as Missy prods and moves the hitachi at will, then spanks each girl for her own pleasure! Finally, Missy leaves the hitachi as both girls, horny from the body to body contact, wriggle and moan together in one huge orgasmic mess!

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Dolly strapped to the sybian

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Sybian

Miss Dolly Leigh is looking super hot in a black dress, no bra and purple panties. We've got her strapped onto a sybian, with a belt chest harness, a full head harness ball gag, and straps at her knees, thighs and ankles. She's not going anywhere. In comes the beautiful Ingrid Mouth, and in what turns out to be one of the hottest sybian clips we've ever shot, Ingrid takes full control! Turning the sybian speed up and down, Ingrid has Dolly moaning in pleasure and whining in pain. The back and forth seems to never stop, as Ingrid works her way around her hot captive pet. Playing with Dolly's pussy, slapping her ass and pulling at her sensitive nipples, Ingrid is getting Dolly all worked up...and Ingrid is getting worked up too! Pulling up her hot red skirt, Ingrid exposes her tight butt checks, and her top has fallen too, exposing her perky tits. As Ingrid continues to work Dolly into an orgasmic frenzy, she finds herself unable to resist having fun, too. Pulling a set of clover clamps out, Ingrid sets the tight clamps onto her OWN nipples, runs the chain through Dolly's head harness, then grabs the Hitachi and starts to pleasure herself! Right in front of Dolly, as the sybian continues to hum and Dolly writhes in the much too intense sensation. This only makes Ingrid wetter and as Dolly continues to moan, Ingrid achieves her own huge orgasm. Poor Dolly...the fun is not over though. As Ingrid wraps up her pleasure, she's kind enough to allow Dolly to keep up with her pleasure as the sybian continues to hum...wait, did we say ""pleasure""? This clip is HOT!

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Julette Strung up by her feet

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Rope Bondage

Ingrid Mouth, dressed to kill in a black dress, sexy heels and garter/stockings, is looking for her payback with Juliette March...and she's got the perfect idea! Juliette's all dressed up, thinking Ingrid is taking her out, but soon finds out exactly what Ingrid has in mind when she strips off the pretty dress and tosses her sexy heels! First strapped at the ankles, Juliette is then spanked by Ingrid and let me tell you, there's not complaint from Juliette! Next is a set of straps on Juliette's wrists and before you know it, Ingrid is pushing Juliette's legs up into the air and tying her legs to the overhead bar. Groped and tossed about, Juliette is helpless as Ingrid brings out the hitachi and explores that sensitive spot between Juliette's thighs! Even the gag in Juliette's pretty little mouth can't stop the moans and ecstasy escaping from her mouth as orgasm after orgasm wracks Juliette's sexy little body!

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Ruby Rope Bound in Public

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Ingrid Mouth leads pretty Ruby Angel on a leash to a 'quieter' corner of the 2014 Folsom Street Fair. Placing Ruby on a brick wall, with a rail, Ingrid ties a chest harness to Ruby. then ties her arms behind her, to the rail, with the rope passing thru her already wet crotch! Ingrid teases Ruby to a hot and ready state, but soon leaves her bound, in public, all wet and flustered! Live at the Folsom street fair!

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Ruby Handcuffed to Pole in Public

Categories: Handcuffed Tickling

"Alright bitches, let's get it on". That's what one festival goer yells out as we start shooting Sexy Serena Blair and sexy Ruby Angel! Pussy slaps, being put on display and being called a "fucking mess" all seem to turn on Ruby! Handcuffed to a light pole, Ruby is soon turned over to a willing Ingrid Mouth, who has her own agenda for this new and pretty play mate! Ingrid tickles and teases Ruby until she's laughing out loud. During the whole scene, I'd been jostling for position with an older chubby woman who was more concerned with her own ability to shoot footage on her cell phone. At 5:12 she calls me (JJrigs) a "fucking hog". For a brief second I turn the camera towards her and oh my goodness, it's a fucking hog, just like me! Haha,what a blast shooting live at Folsom Street Fair 2014!

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Dolly teased and tickled by Ingrid

Categories: Ball Gagged Rope Bondage Tickling

Dolly Leigh's first time shooting with us was a lot of hot fun as Ingrid Mouth takes charge! Ingrid straps Dolly at the thighs and wrists, then ties off to the bed, adding an ankle bar to finish. Dolly's a screamer too, so Ingrid keeps her quiet with a gag as she starts to tickle her with her tortuously sharp nails. Writhing and twisting on the bed, Dolly's in no way able to escape and Ingrid takes that to her full advantage! With hitachi in hand, Ingrid's got Dolly in some big sexy trouble!

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Juliette's New Toy

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Spanking

Ingrid Mouth is relaxing on her bed when Juliette March strolls in with her bag of tricks! It's rope and boy does Juliette have something in mind for Ingrid! Asking for permission to tie her up, Ingrid mistakenly agrees...and that's when the fun begins! Bound at the wrists, Juliette commands Ingrid to lie down and ties her hands to the headboard. After a hard spank on Ingrid's ass, Juliette then proceeds to frogtie one of Ingrid's legs, then cuffs the other ankle to the bedpost! It's a precarious position for Ingrid as she's now bound and helpless! More spankings ensue, each one harder than the previous as Ingrid's hot little ass starts to turn bright red. But that's not all Juliette has in store for Ingrid. Soon the hitachi is out and it's one screaming orgasm after another as Juliette just doesn't want to stop when she's in control!

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