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Models / Lea Hart

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Lea Hart's Updates
Tied and Teased to Orgasm

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Miss Lea Hart is one hot babe! And we've got her spread out on our studio floor, one leg frogtied, slightly elevated and tied off above, the other leg stretched out and tied at the ankle, and her arms stretched out past her head, tied off at the wrists. She's only wearing a bra and panty set and look smoking hot! Missy Minks wastes no time in getting Lea's bra off and playing with her gorgeous, perky tits. Lea looks puzzled as if she's not used to being in this position, but Missy doesn't care! Missy soon moves Lea's panties aside and plays with her pussy. Then she brings out the hitachi and plays touch and feel some more, with Lea's tight pussy! After working hard to get Lea relaxed enough to relax and achieve her orgasm, Missy decides to cut off Lea's panties and leaves her struggling, alone, wondering what the fuck just happened to her. Miss Lea Hart!

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Two Tied Struggling

Categories: Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Miss Lea Hart and Miss Dolly Leigh, two misses, tied up and left to struggle! We like trying up two girls and leaving them to struggle. If they're smart, they'll try to help each other escape...and that's exactly what the two misses do! With each escape challenge a constant escalation in difficulty, we try to figure out what the minimal amount of rope is required to make a girl feel hopeless. But if they escape that level of rope, then they should expect the next round to be even more strict! So chalk this one up to level 1 rope/escape challenge. Maybe were were just a bit more focused on how hot and sexy these two babes looked in our stockings, and matching panty/bra sets...that's a damn good place to start, no?

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Leather Belt Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge

Escape challenge with Miss Lea Hart! Strapped in leather belts, modified ball tie, ankles and wrists behind her back, Lea is left to struggle in her first escape challenge for FetishPros. Dressed in black panties, stockings and garter belt, Lea is topless and shoeless. She looks HOT in our leather belts! Using all her might and with a strong will to escape, Lea twists and turns trying to get her fingers to the wrist straps. Slow, deliberate movements soon give her the opening she needs and before you know it, the first belt is off! One at a time our newest escape artist loses belt after belt. You know we don't mind giving our girls the first one...but the second one...Look out!

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Lea Bound and Tickled

Categories: Blindfold Bondage Tickling

Miss Lea Heart is in for some fun with Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks! Well, Missy and Dolly are in for some fun, as they have pretty Lea all bound and helpless! Strapped at the thighs, knees, ankles, biceps, wrists and torso, Lea isn't going anywhere. Dolly and Missy decide to tickle torture this beautiful lady and waste no time in starting their tickling punishment. Using their hands, a feather, a crop and an hitachi, Missy and Dolly play Lea like a fine tuned piano! Lea's giggles are the music to Missy's and Dolly's ears as poor Leah is prodded, tickled and made to endure almost 11 minutes of non stop action. And of course, when the girls are done, they leave Lea to fend for herself!

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Lea Hart Strung out in a Straitjacket

Categories: Ball Gagged Rope Bondage Straight Jacket Tickling

Miss Lea Hart is a willing partner in trying out Missy Minks new jacket...only this "jacket" is a straitjacket! Lea, wearing sheer black stockings, panties and bra, is immediately made topless by Missy. Lea's perky tits are soon covered by the straitjacket and Missy straps her in. Arms crossed, with straps between her legs, Lea is then made to sit down, and Missy finishes strapping her in and then pulls off her heels and straps a gag into her mouth. Lea's shapely legs are then strung up into the air! Once Missy has Lea all tied up, she then leaves her alone to struggle...good luck's a rare bird that escapes Missy's work!

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