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Spanking Bench Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Spanking

Paige Pierce is strapped down on her tummy to the spanking bench by pink bonds on her wrists and legs. She hates the color pink, so this just adds to her sense of submission as Cheyenne Jewel strides in ominously on her heavy-sounding heels and smacks Paige’s ass over and over, both with her hands and a black paddle. How quickly Paige’s pale meaty butt and thighs become her hated pink! Cheyenne doesn’t let up on the spanking, until Paige is moaning and anticipating the invasion of the Hitachi wand to give her the bondage orgasms she craves in her vulnerable position. Cheyenne applies the stimulating pleasure of the vibrator while continuing to smack Paige’s ass at the same time, sending the bound beauty into a fit of panting and moans on her way to multiple climax relief. The sight of Paige’s booty bucking up and down as she rubs her pussy against the wand is HOT!!

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Violet Wand Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Naked and spread eagle on her back, cuffed with leather straps and tethered to the floor, Paige Pierce is at the mercy of Cheyenne Jewel, who comes in with a violet wand. Moving the wand from Paige’s breasts to her belly button to her armpits, Cheyenne puts a big smile on the writhing girl’s face. Although interestingly the soles of Paige’s feet don’t seem ticklish at all, Cheyenne persists and discovers the tops of Paige’s feet do have some ticklishness. But such horseplay is just prelude to some real hilarity when Cheyenne uses her fingers to tickle Paige, getting bursts of laughter, before resuming with the violet wand, set on high and aimed squarely at Paige’s helpless pussy. Then she puts another attachment on the wand that looks like a little rake to really drive Paige crazy with more armpit tickling, before finally bringing in the Hitachi wand to serve as back-up on Paige’s final ascent to—IF Cheyenne allows it!—a bondage orgasm!

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Leather Cuff Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage cuff Escape Challenge

The keys lay so tantalizingly near on the floor, and locked in cuffs with her wrists and arms bound behind her, Paige Pierce faces an intense escape challenge! Writhing over on the floor, she manages to get the keys, but will she be able to maneuver them to open the padlocks on those cuffs which also bind her high-heel shod ankles and feet? On her stomach on the cold warehouse floor, only in black lace bra and panties, Paige works like Houdini to try to do something with those locks. Panting in frustration, she keeps at it, exerting all her strength and agility. Her frustration grows but, muttering to herself, she tries to persist and defeat this bondage. Finally she sits up and manages to get a key into an ankle lock. Will this be the beginning of hard-fought freedom??

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2 Girl Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Dark blonde Paige Pierce and auburn-haired Cheyenne Jewel are both on the floor, laying on their tummies with their arms box tied behind them and their legs frog tied. Barefoot and naked, they wiggle trying to slip out of rope bondage, rising to the escape challenge. Paige turns out to be faster and more nimble, and slips both arms and legs free. Which means she gets to spread the still-bound legs of a giggling Cheyenne and press the Hitachi wand tight in the groove of the shaved Jewel snatch. Cheyenne gives Paige’s butt a little bite while Paige works her cunny over with the toy, but Cheyenne keeps writhing until the throbbing of the vibe makes her succumb with sighing and gasping to the delicious edging of the toy—until finally her helpless body explodes in bondage orgasm!

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Balltie Rope Bondage Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Paige Pierce recently went to a fetish sex party up in the Hollywood Hills and boasted about how she could get out of any rope-based bondage in five minutes. One man took her up on the claim and the video you see here is the result of that challenge. Watch as Paige's tattooed body is twisted and contorted into strange and unusual shapes as she does her best to break free: things don't look so great to begin with, but once her legs come out of the rope attached to her neck, things start to look a lot more in her favor. Will she manage to escape in time? Watch and find out!

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I Win - Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

If you ever want to see a girl do whatever it takes to achieve something, do yourself a favor and pit two ladies against one another: they'll try as hard as possible to come out on top. Today, Paige and Violet are presented with a challenge: they'll both be tied up together and the first person that can get out of the rope bondage will have free reign over the other's pussy with a magic wand. These girls give it their all to escape and wiggle around helplessly for minutes on end until one emerges victorious: just how forgiving will the winner be when they're wielding the Hitachi? Oh, and watch out – one of these ladies ends up squirting!

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Bondage Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

“Good girl, take it deep,” says green-tressed and tattooed Paige Pierce as she stands over Violet October, thrusting her purple strap-on into the innocent blonde’s open mouth. The drool slips down Violet’s chin as she moves her face back and forth on the toy, making gagging sounds and looking up with embarrassed eyes at the degrading task she is fulfilling for her mistress. Bound with her arms behind her, kneeling on the floor in front of Paige, Violet gives that rubber cock her all, saliva bubbling over her lips as she has no choice but to submit to the forced bondage blowjob that is her duty as Paige’s little lesbian submissive. We get all the angles you want, so that you can see from the side how naked Violet is restrained around her waist in her rope bondage, and how, from above, her tongue extends in utter obedience for the glistening dildo as Paige taps it in preparation for yet another cramming into that vulnerable throat! But for all of Violet’s gasping, panting, and sighing, it becomes clear she might well be enjoying this slavish task!

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Spread Eagle Electric Play

Categories: Blindfold Bondage Rope Bondage

Stretched out spread eagle on the mat, her wrists and ankles bound with black rope, Violet October is blindfolded and, in her filmy bra and panties, prey for the pervy delights of electro-stimulation at the hands of green-haired Paige Pierce. She takes out a violet wand and Violet can hear the buzzy sound of the toy before she feels Paige moving it over her legs, neck, arms, and even on her outstretched tongue! Violet can’t stop giggling in delight and gasps in pleasure as the tip of the wand moves over her hip and tummy. Next destination for the wand, her pale round nipples, uncovered from her pretty bra cups, and then her bare soles, leading to shrieks of laughter! And then the insides of her thighs, and her sensitive shaved pussy through the gossamer thin fabric of the panties...and then with the panties pulled aside! In fact, those panties become a nuisance so Paige cuts them off with a scissors and stuffs them into Violet’s mouth. Defiantly Violet spits them out and then a moment later Paige cuts off her bra, too! And so, spread eagle, her pale white body totally at the mercy of her green-tressed tattooed friend, Violet then endures metal clamps on her vulnerable shaved pussy meat, which Paige then flicks and tugs with a chain; followed by more electro-stimulation before the transfer of the clamps to Violet’s nipples, and the introduction of the Hitachi wand to truly send blindfolded Violet into orgasmic hyperspace! You’ll love watching these two playful babes exploring their dominance and submission together as Paige skillfully hits Violet’s “happy place” with the Hitachi, tugs on the nipple clamps, and soon sends Violet home to a big orgasm in this frisky and fun Fetish Pros movie!

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