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Piper Rage's Updates
Piper and Dolly Enduring Pleasure

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Orgasm Challenge

Piper Rage and Dolly Leigh are flat on their backs, their wrists cuffed and their ankles bound to the floor and joined, with Hitachi wands securely strapped to their thighs and angled into their crotches, sending them into one wave of pleasure after another! Dolly has a bit in her mouth but that doesn’t prevent her from making plenty of noise. It’s a duet of ecstatic sighs and groans as the girls, suspended by their waists to be slightly off the floor, writhe in helpless climaxes as their bare feet curl and their hips quiver. Dolly and Piper’s crotches shake and they cry out over their trembling legs as yet another explosion hits those pussies. With the non-stop hum of the vibrators, their whines and bleating make a sweet symphony of feminine helplessness and erotic excitement!

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Double Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Best friends don't know what they've gotten themselves into when they agree to shoot together for the first time! Piper Rage and Rhylie Babei roll into the FetishPros studio ready for fun...then this happens! First Rhylie is cuffed and strapped to the floor. With ankles, wrists and torso strapped down, she's not going anywhere anytime soon and with her arms stretched out above her head, she's forced to arch her back, pushing her tight little bottom into the air. And that's where we seat Piper Rage, right on top of Rhylie's pussy, with a hitachi strapped in between them! Piper's ankles are cuffed and strapped to the floor, too, and her wrists, cuffed together, are strapped to the floor, close to the hitachi handle. Watch as these two cuties writhe and grind against each other as each tries to orgasm before the other. Hot action with two hot, fun ladies...You're welcome!

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Piper Frogtied on Sybian

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Sybian

Piper is frogtied on the sybian while she endures one orgasm after another. With each one it becomes harder and harder for her to hold on to the ropes above her head. Her ring gag makes it impossible for her to ask for help and soon the drool is pouring from her mouth. Can you keep count of how many times she cums?

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Tease and Tickle Piper Rage

Categories: Rope Bondage Tickling

Piper Rage has wanted to play with Dolly Leigh for some time, so we decide to bring her in! First we have Piper face down, on her knees, with her ankles tied up above, and her neck tied off above and below, with her hands tied, too. She's face down, ass exposed, which is exactly what you want when someone like Piper has such a spankable ass! Then Dolly comes in, but it's not spanking Dolly has in mind, it's tickling! Taunting and teasing with her tickling, Dolly soon has Piper begging for relief. Relief for the FetishPros crew means HITACHI, right!? Riiiight.! So Dolly pushes Piper to the edge of orgasm, repeatedly. Finally, when Piper is begging for release, Dolly does what she does best...DENIAL! Poor Piper...!

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Rhylie and Piper Escape Challenge

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge

Piper Rage and Rhylie Babei are looking super cute in T shirts, tight shorts and tube socks. They're also looking cute in their leather strapped frog ties, waist harness and wrists cuffed to their waist harnesses. That's the challenge...escape! And sometimes we take it TOO easy on our new models, but with Piper an eager escape artist there to help, Piper soon is out of her cuffs and helping her bff Rhylie escape as well! Oh well, it's a hot roll around with these two cuties and rest assured, their next bondage position will be a bit more strenuous!

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Piper Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge

Piper Rage, a local, free spirited model, comes to the FetishPros studio for the first time! Fun loving and a budding escape artist, Piper makes our first challenge look way too easy! Bound in leather belts in a hogtie position, Piper works her magic into a flawless escape effort. Watching her move her body, with every delicious curve a treat to the eyes, Piper slowly works her belts loose. And for a moment, we almost believed we had her on this fist escape attempt! But the challenges become increasingly difficult, so let's see what the FetishPros crew has in store for thie curvy cutie!

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