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Rachel Adams Frogtied in Rope Bondage Beside the Christmas Tree
Rachel Adams
34 Photos, 7 min of video
Frogtied with intricate ropes binding her thighs to her calves, wiggling barefoot and clad in a long red Santa coat and matching panties, Rachel Adams is once again caught in a ceaseless struggle beside the Christmas tree! Her arms are secured behind her and the ropes bisect her plentiful...

Tags: Bondage, Rope Bondage
Restrained with Straps and Armbinder, Rachel Adams Writhes Below the Christmas Tree
Rachel Adams
41 Photos, 10 min of video
Rachel Adams has been a bad girl indeed this holiday season to be subjected to even more rigorous bondage! She is especially revealingly attired this time in a red bikini that shows off her impressively sexy curves, even as her blindfold, red ball gag, and black arm-binding sleeve...

Tags: Arm Binder, Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Blindfold
Rachel Adams Inescapably Hogtied Beneath the Christmas Tree
Rachel Adams
32 Photos, 9 min of video
Writhing on the carpet alongside the Christmas tree, near all the unopened presents, Rachel Adams looks like a present herself, her body attired in a festive red bodysuit, black spiked heel boots, and white ropes that hogtie her in a most helpless position. She pants through her red...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Ball-Gagged Rachel Adams Spends Halloween Hogtied Instead of Trick-or-Treating
Rachel Adams
36 Photos, 11 min of video
There comes a time when a woman must accept she's too grown-up for trick-or-treating. But Rachel doesn't, so she’s been put in bondage to think about her attitude and perhaps reach a new maturity. Or not--because it seems Miss Adams acts defiant to coax us into this disciplinary...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Blindfold, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Rachel Adams’ Inescapable Leather Belt Hogtie Struggle
Rachel Adams
28 Photos, 10 min of video
Strapped tightly into leather bondage mitts behind her back and hogtied with leather belts to her black boots, Rachel Adams struggles and sighs under her face harness as she wiggles fruitlessly on a bed. Through the straps that bind her torso, we see her bare nipples through a sheer...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage
Bondage Model’s Escape Challenge Predicament
Lydia Black, Rachel Adams
29 Photos, 7 min of video
This was our first time shooting with Rachel Adams. We had Lydia Black put her into rope bondage with her arms well-tied behind her, her thighs frogtied to her ankles as she kneeled on the floor barefoot and only attired in black bra and panties. Lydia steps back to observe how well...

Tags: Bondage, Escape Challenge, Rope Bondage
Rachel Squirms in Bondage Under Violet Wand
Lydia Black, Rachel Adams
30 Photos, 11 min of video
Lydia Black has Rachel Adams well-restrained on a metal frame: wrists cuffed above her, and spread pantyhose legs cuffed and bound with straps. Lydia zaps Rachel with a violet wand along her legs and feet, moving around and looking for the most sensitive spots. Lydia turns up the...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Electric Play, Foot Torture
Kinky Lydia Tricks Naive Rachel Into Creepy Bondage Photos
Lydia Black, Rachel Adams
22 Photos, 11 min of video
Lydia Black is a glamour photographer taking pictures of Rachel Adams. It’s very vanilla, even as Lydia has Rachel doff her dress and pose in her cute underwear. Rachel is even game for posing in some BDSM gear too, as Lydia cuffs her wrists above to a metal frame. As she takes...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage
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