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Models / Ruby Angel

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Ruby Angel's Updates
Ruby's Personal Traning

Categories: Bondage Straight Jacket

Ruby Angel is looking to get back into shape, so she sets an appt to meet with personal trainer Serena Blair. When Ruby is late, however, all hell breaks loose and it's a way different training session than Ruby ever could have imagined! First berated for being late, Ruby is then talked into accepting her punishment...being strapped into a straitjacket! Once Serena has Ruby in the jacket, Serena then stuffs poor Ruby into a dog kennel! Faced with the ultimate humiliation, Ruby is left alone to a dog!

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Ruby Tied and Teased by Serena

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Ruby Angel is a petite, raven haired hottie and we love serving her up for our toppy models, like Serena Blair! Serena is one petite toppy babe, too! First we dress Ruby in knee high boots, black bra and panties, gagged. Then we put her on the floor with her hand tied behind her back, and ropes tied off to her boots. She's not going anywhere...and that's exactly what Serena likes! Stepping onto set, Serena wants to play with her pet. Pulling Ruby's bra down, Serena pinches her nipples, pulls her panties down, too and spanks her bottom! The loud thwacking sound tells us these are no light spanks! But it's not all pain as Serena has a treat in store for her little fuck toy...a hitachi! Placing the vibrating pleasure toy on Ruby's crotch, Serena soon has Ruby begging for release. The shear panties Ruby is wearing offer no protection from the heavy friction of this powerful toy. When she can take no more and orgasm is imminent, Ruby thinks her reward is at hand...but Serena doesn't think so, and Serena is in charge! Left to struggle, at the peak of being ready to orgasm, Ruby is one sad little pet, struggling alone....

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Ruby Rope Bondage Struggle

Categories: Blindfold Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Ruby Angel has been one of our favorite models to work with. Petite, super cute and she has a love for rope that is very apparent when she's bound. In this clip, Ruby is hogtied, wearing a cute matching bra and panty set, while gagged and her eyes covered with vet wrap. She's on her stomach, struggling to get free. The soft moans that escape her pretty lips are muffled by the gag and her struggles to escape are real. Arching her back, her tight little bottom pops into the air like a hot air balloon. It's true, you want her in your living room, in your dungeon, struggling just like in this clip. Check it out!

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Two Dansels Tied up and Drooling

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Serena's got Dolly tied in a standing position, hunched over, leaning over Ruby's tight stomach. The gag Dolly is wearing is making her drool all over Ruby's belly! Ruby is strapped onto her back, with tape over her pretty mouth. With cuffs everywhere, neither girl is getting away soon, and that's exactly what Serena wants! Taking turns with the hitachis, Serena first vibrates Dolly, then she trades off and vibrates Ruby. With no on there to control what Serena does, Serena soon have both girls on the hitachi and both girls are moaning with pleasure! It looks like Serena knows just what to do and all we can wonder is how long will these girls last!?!

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Wish You Were Here

Categories: Ball Gagged Chained Sybian

Two barefoot babes, Ruby Angel and Missy Minks, wearing only panties and bras, are in the mood for playtime! Missy marches Ruby into her bedroom on a leash and Ruby's cute panties read "Wish you were here", on the bottoms. That' an appropriate penning for this sexy clip! Missy has Ruby sit atop the sybian and ties Ruby's legs into a frogtie position. Then Missy puts on a full head harness gag to keep the pretty little Ruby as quiet as possible. That's when the sybian gets turned on and Ruby is soon moaning in delight! Unstrapping Ruby's bra to unleash her perky tits, Missy teases her already hard nipples, driving Ruby into a frenzy as the sybian goes into a higher speed. Ruby's hands are cuffed above so she's helpless to escape! Missy continues the taunting and teasing as she cuts off Ruby's brand new bra and tosses it aside. As a final insult and sign of total control, Missy cuts off Ruby's new panties and taking off the full harness gag, stuffs the soiled panties in Ruby's mouth! Hot, taunting, teasing action as Missy takes Ruby to a state of nakedness, chained and helpless to the orgasmic bliss from the we said...Wish You Were Here...

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Sybian Orgasms

Categories: Rope Bondage Sybian

Oh the fun we have! Ruby Angel with another "First", the sybian! Missy Minks loves breaking in new bitches,and Ruby's a fun one to break in. First Missy sits Ruby down on our brand new Sybian stand. With her perky tits exposed, Ruby's sporting a chest harness and her wrists are cuffed and tied off above her. Then the fun starts....! With the build up of tension from the vibrating sybian, Ruby's eyes roll to the back of her head as orgasm after orgasm wracks her tiny little body. The look of ecstasy on Ruby's face is priceless as her body responds to the heavy vibration. Ruby's a natural submissive and this scene is fucking hot!

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Ruby Tied to a tree and Tickled

Categories: Rope Bondage Tickling

Ingrid Mouth ties Ruby Angel to a tree, in public of course, and tickles her mercilessly! First Ingrid stuffs a foam ball into Ruby's mouth, then places tape over it and around Ruby's head. Tying Ruby's hands, Ingrid then pulls the rope up and over the tree, securing Ruby's hands to the tree branch above her, forcing her to stand on tiptoe. Ruby's tits are now exposed, her torn stockings being shredded even more, as Ingrid begins her tickle torture. The crowd loves the scene and as Ingrid closes the scene, Ruby is made to stand barefoot in the sandy planter box, as JJrigs talks over the scene with a bystander. Oh to be there...!

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College Cutie Escape Challenge

Categories: Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Ruby Angel is in a predicament. She's cuffed at the wrists, with locks, and one leg is frog tied with leather belts, locked, and that forces her to stay in a crouched position. Just above her are the keys that can get her loose...but her wrists are tied to a leather belt around her chest, which limits her ability to reach for the keys. She looks at the keys just out of reach tries to untie the ribbon holding them, with her teeth...but it's just not enough to break the keys free...Ruby looks sad... and it's heart wrenching to watch...poor Ruby! But she gets an idea and quickly falls to the side, pulling her shoe off and trying ever so carefully to grab the string with her tiny little foot. She tries...and tries...but has to give up! Falling back down, she puts her shoe back on, somehow and tries to reach for the keys again. She tries again with her mouth, but it's still to high...but slowly her hands are able to come up, and with her mouth and her hands, she's almost got the keys! Watch this sexy struggle as Ruby's facial expressions change from total sadness and frustration to almost sheer joy!

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Ruby's Spanking at Folsom

Categories: Spanking

Ruby Angel is an innocent 19 year old who's played in public, but never done a professional porn scene... until today, when we decided to shoot her at the impossible 2014 Folsom Street Fair! Fighting the crowds, noise and oblivious festival goers. In these Folsom Fair clips, you'll hear JJrigs asking festival goers to please move, and sometimes just having to cut in front of those who thought the show was all for them! Well, it was Folsom Street Fair and Ruby was incredible. Watch her eyes go wild with pleasure. In this scene with Serena Blair, and a cameo by the fantastic photographer Isabel Dressler, Ruby is grabbed by the hair, spanked and put on display for the public to view and photograph...needless to say, Ruby loves it and we have a new porn star on our hands!

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Rubys Birthday Training

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Rope Bondage Spanking

It's Ruby Angel's birthday and Missy Minks has a cake to help celebrate! Only Missy's idea of celebrating is stepping on the mini cake, messing up her hot red pumps, then making Ruby lick them clean! Now that's a celebration! Wearing a hot black dress,with stockings, garters and those sexy red pumps, Missy is at her Domme best. Forcing Ruby to worship her stocking clad feet, Missy pulls Ruby up on the bed, ties her face down on all fours, then proceeds to spank and control a very compliant Ruby! Sexy is as sexy does and Missy is all over Ruby!

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Ruby and Missy Strapon Fun

Categories: Bondage Latex

Ruby Angel is strapped to the floor, on her knees, face down, hands between her legs, her pussy and ass completely exposed. The sexy latex dress she's wearing is all for naught as Missy Minks kneels behind her, with a slick purple strap on dildo ready to penetrate this innocent little babe. Missy Minks! Teasing Ruby's tight little pussy, Missy squirt lube all over Ruby's ass. Then she teases Ruby with the head of her purple cock, before slipping it in and pulling it out. Missy knows how to taunt and soon Ruby is begging for release. But before that can happen, Missy has a lot more teasing to do and some of that is with the hitachi, while banging away at Ruby's tight pussy! This is our first strap on play and it's a good one. We're thinking Missy is gonna wanna bang away at a few other babes after this one...what do you think?!?

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Rubys Red Bottom

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Spanking

Ruby Angel did such a great job for us out at Folsom Street Fair 2014, we decided to bring her back out the very next week. The special occasion was her 21st birthday and what better gift to give her than to provide Missy Minks as her top? And Missy Minks thought there was no better gift for Ruby than a Red Bottom...and that's exactly what Missy gives her, in this hot clip featuring two hot babes! With Missy in control, a chest harness with straps is placed on Ruby, and is followed up with a ball gag, ankle straps and then pulled into a hogtie. Spankings are then in order as Ruby's ass turns the color of her namesake...Ruby...Red...Hot Ruby!

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