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Models / Sheena Rose

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Sheena Rose's Updates
Daisy and Sheena Bondage Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Daisy Ducati stands over a rope-bound and ball gagged Sheena Rose and jokingly bemoans the fact that the gag will get in the way of her strap-on receiving the blowjob it craves. So off comes the gag when Sheena promises to be a good girl and deliver what Mistress Daisy will require: to submissively slobber and gag all over Daisy’s purple rubber dick! “Make a fucking mess for me!” decrees Daisy, gripping Sheena’s jaw and riding her mouth mercilessly until Miss Rose’s blue eyes roll back into her head in what looks like a perfect combination of utter ecstasy and delightful degradation. In one shot, we see Daisy’s butt from behind as she crams Sheena’s mouth, and simultaneously we observe the saliva showering down from Sheena’s spit goatee onto a chest tattoo which reads: “I’m Not Afraid.” Obviously not!! Sheena’s clearly ready for the first Blowjob Olympics in this sight-and-sound symphony of ultra-raunchy bondage oral sex you cannot miss.

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Spread and Teased Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms

Sheena Rose is splayed spread-eagle in all her tight-bod tattooed glory, cuffed to the floor naked as Daisy Ducati runs her tawny hands over that ivory form. She plays with Sheena’s shaved meaty pussy, squeezing and teasing it before bringing the Hitachi wand into play. She presses it against Sheena’s pie even as she explains that Miss Rose must be a good girl and do nothing, including cumming, without Mistress Daisy’s permission! Daisy rubs the vibe against Sheena’s thick pencil eraser nipples, then moves down to her pussy again to rub and finger her to her first bondage orgasm. Daisy notes how Sheena’s clit is so pink with arousal that it matches Daisy’s nail polish! And Daisy is hardly done with her more than willing victim, even as she gives us a nice view of her amazing derriere too as she kneels between Sheena’s thighs and further tantalizes the helpless girl with the wand, even to having Sheena give herself her own cum countdown!

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Daisy and Sheena Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

The keys lay so tantalizingly near on the floor, and locked in cuffs with her wrists and arms bound behind her, Paige Pierce faces an intense escape challenge! Writhing over on the floor, she manages to get the keys, but will she be able to maneuver them to open the padlocks on those cuffs which also bind her high-heel shod ankles and feet? On her stomach on the cold warehouse floor, only in black lace bra and panties, Paige works like Houdini to try to do something with those locks. Panting in frustration, she keeps at it, exerting all her strength and agility. Her frustration grows but, muttering to herself, she tries to persist and defeat this bondage. Finally she sits up and manages to get a key into an ankle lock. Will this be the beginning of hard-fought freedom??

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Sheena Straitjacketed on Sybian

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Straight Jacket Sybian

Sheena Rose sits in total vulnerability, secured with thick black leather straps on the Sybian, her arms snug in a straitjacket, her face under a black harness ball gag. The vibrating saddle goes on and is so powerful in its loud thrumming that it immediately gets Sheena talking to herself as it puts her shaved pussy into hyperdrive. Her almost crazed eyes squeeze and roll back behind the straps of the harness, and her nostrils flare as the Sybian throbs against her core. She moans and sighs and cries and then finally we can make out what she's saying: "It's good, it's so fucking good! I came! I came! Thank you!" Laughing to herself, drooling under the harness gag, she clearly won't get off that saddle until every last orgasm is drained out!

13 Photos, 9 Minute(s) of Video

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