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Models / Barbary Rose

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Barbary Rose's Updates
Redhead Bondage Strapon Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Throaty-voiced Bianca Stone has redhead Barbary Rose kneeling, tied with her arms behind her in rope bondage, and giving Bianca's shiny black strapon a mouth-only blowjob. Holding her slave's ginger hair in her hand, Bianca thrusts her proxy prick back and forth until the carrot top cutie gags and drools. Bianca explains how the harder Barbary sucks, the better it is for her clit with every thrust to the back of her slave's throat. Our cameras capture all the angles emphasizing Barbary's submission to the commanding Stone, even as Bianca rubs her slave's drool all over Barbary's face! "Keep servicing my clit through my cock!" Bianca just loves watching Barbary's face turn pink and red through the sucking action: "You are so sexy, Barbary! You're such a good lesbian cocksucking whore!" They get down on the floor for even more hot positions too.

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Puppy Play

Categories: Chained Spanking

Bianca Stone is very excited to have Barbary Rose as her submissive puppy girl today. She forbids Barbary from even using words, but just to make “puppy noises” as she gives the redheaded cutie a spanky! Barbary clearly enjoys being trained by her mistress, as all loving puppies should. And Barbary is eager to get down and lick her owner’s spread wet pink pussy! But first Bianca wants her to make the sounds a puppy would make when it wants pussy, and when Barbary accidentally uses words instead of sounds--WHAP! More spanky! Soon she’s getting Barbary “ruff-ruff-ruffing” and laughing as she gets her bottom warmed, and then she finally gets a fleeting taste of that tasty mistress slit! With her tongue hanging out, Barbary follows Bianca around for more of that sweet juicy reward, but this only the beginning of her obedient puppyhood...because looks like this is a job for Mr. Hitachi Wand with lots more kinky teasing!

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Bondage, Teasing, Choking and Orgasms

Categories: Bondage

When you've got Barbary Rose tied to the floor wearing lingerie, stockings and high heels, you know you're in for a great time. Bianca Stone's plan for today is to see just how far she can take this gorgeous submissive redhead and to kick things off, she elects to slap her tits and squeeze her nipples, all while holding a hand over Barbary's face to limit her breathing. It doesn't take too long for this latter part of the domination to be coupled with a Hitachi being held up against her soaking wet pussy. Just how many times do you think Barbary Rose came during this session of choking, domination and submission?

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Barbary Box Cuff Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge

Tattooed redhead Barbary Rose lays on her stomach on the warehouse floor, her arms heavily bound behind her in leather box tie cuffs and her ankles cuffed below as well. Straps on her upper arms also keep her helpless, and a face harness and a red ball gag complete the bondage picture. She also wears black high heels, leather shorts and a halter. Barbary moves from side to side, sending out little sighs and moans as she attempts to ace the escape challenge, but she is really going nowhere. Our Fetish Pros camera starts on floor level with her, but then rises up to observe her writhing in quiet frustration, barely managing with her sparkly gray-polished fingernails to scratch at the leather cuffs on her wrists. She widens her eyes as the drool slides from her ball-gagged mouth to the floor, and she furiously pulls at her left hand, trying to slide it out of the cuffs. Her panting through the gag and the thump of her shoes on the floor form the soundtrack to her utter lack of progress as a female Houdini... Ultimately she mumbles through her gag, “I can’t get out, it’s too tight!” Poor girl, she’s an utter un-success at escape—but quite a success at entertaining us with her bondage predicament!

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Barbary Rope Struggle

Categories: Rope Bondage

Barbary Rose is smoking hot, with a can do attitude that is exciting, to say the least. In this clip we've got Barbary on her stomach, ankles tied together and restricted from behind, as well as arms tied into a strapado, with wrists tied off above. We decided to tease her just a bit, with the knot for her ankles just out of reach of her hands. Oh she can reach it, if she pushes herself past her physical limits! And she almost does, reaching the knot after several minutes of trying. When she finally does reach the knot, there' s not enough strength left to go much further. Poor Barbary...not this time!

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Barbary Hot Seat

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage

Sometimes you just wanna have some fun on set, so why not take a super hot chick like Barbary Rose, dress her in silver pants, heels with no top (so her perky pierced tits are right in the camera!), strap her to a chair, gag her and then ask her ridiculous questions? Yeah, we thought it was a great idea, too, so here you go. Some fun on set with Barbary!

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Barbary Sybian and Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Rope Bondage Straight Jacket Sybian

Barbary Rose is strapped onto the sybian stand, and strapped into a straight jacket, with the straight jacket tied off above. She's gagged...and ready! Missy Minks is just off camera, topless and barefoot, wearing only boy shorts of some sort (we're not sure because she's topless, hello!), and in Missy's hands is the sybian control! We think she has torture on her mind... And that's exactly what our resident sadist has in mind! First taking the sybian speed to a medium setting, as the gagged Barbary starts to moan, Missy takes it higher. Leaving it on high speed, Missy steps behind Barbary and spanks her bottom. The spanking sends Barbary into another orgasm! As the sybian hums away, Missy knows what to do next...and that's to leave Barbary strapped in, with the gag out...and the sybian on high for a continued torturous finish!

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Spandex Disco Chicks

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage

Dolly Leigh, Missy Minks and Barbary Rose take spandex to a whole new level of sexy! First we frog tie Barbary while wearing a cute bra and silver spandex pants. Her arms are tied behind her back and strapped to a belt harness. Gagged with a cool doggy bone gag we found online, and her hair back in pigtails, Barbary is looking sexy struggling on the floor. In come Dolly and Missy. Missy is wearing short black spandex shorts, with a white shirt, black heels and her ass cheeks are busting out of these sexy shorts. Damn! Next is Dolly, wearing bright red spandex pants, with a midriff baring black top and barefoot. She's looking good enough to bite (seriously, our crew had to chill...haha!). With Barbary in the compromised position, our naturally toppy girls go to work and put Barbary through their paces. First it's tickling, then it's teasing and always, always it's taunting! Missy hates when another girl is dressed cute, so she opt so cut off Barbary's bra as soon as she's on set. She want's those perky pierced nipples exposed and Missy goes right to work pinching and teasing those sexy nipples! Dolly chimes like the sassy lass we know and soon both girls are spanking Barbary, teasing her with the hitachi and finally pulling her pants down just enough to get a good spanking and vibing in. Poor Barbary...or should we say, Lucky Barbary! It's Spandex Disco time!

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Barbary Teased and Tickled

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Chained Tickling

Miss Dolly Leigh and Missy Minks are dressed to kill, wearing stockings, garters, a tight skirt and a tight dress and aren't they lucky as they find their new playmate, Barbary Rose, all dolled up for them! Dolled, as in, on her back, legs up, arms up, ankles and wrists in leather cuffs and chained together, and then to a tie point above! Yes, Barbary is helpless! Barbary is wearing a cute matching panties and bra set, and heels that are soon removed. With Barbary's bare feet exposed, Missy and Dolly set about finding out where Barbary is the most ticklish! Spanking with a crop, bare hands and tickling with implements all over her sensitive body, Barbary is soon laughing and giggling in hysterical fits! Then Missy gives poor Barbary a break by breaking out the hitachi, placing it over Barbary's panty clad pussy. Just as Barbary starts to squirm with pleasure, Missy makes fun of a matching tattoo she finds on Barbary! A matching tattoo of a hitachi! Missy then pulls the hitachi off of Barbary's pussy and starts tickling her again! The pleasure and the pain of denial never subside, especially when Missy and Dolly are at play! Finally done with their toy, Missy puts a set of keys in Barbary's pretty mouth and tells her to unlock herself...and then..the girls are gone!

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