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Models / Charlotte Sartre

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Charlotte Sartre's Updates
Gothic Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage

Spread eagle on her back, ball gagged, with wrists and high heel-shod legs restrained to the warehouse floor by blue rope, raven-tressed Charlotte Sartre knows what’s coming. The Hitachi wand is planted firmly at her crotch, and although she tugs at her bonds, the tattooed and nipple-pierced beauty realizes that the only thing she is now required to do is let that reliable orgasm machine give her the bondage orgasms she craves and needs. Her naked taut tummy ripples up and down as her smooth-shaven box is stimulated at ever-increasing speeds. Wearing black-and-white knit thigh-high stockings, Charlotte looks like many a Gothic chick one might see around town; but here she is for us, laying almost nude on the warehouse floor, her moans coming steadily through the gag. We watch with our own building arousal as her body gets more and more agitated, until finally she almost weeps and then laughs as she achieves gorgeously helpless explosive fulfillment!

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Punished on the Spanking Bench

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Spanking

Our video opens with the tread of Daisy Ducati’s shiny black high heel platform boots, as she comes upon a naked barefoot Charlotte Sartre strapped down in bondage to the spanking bench. Daisy takes rich delight in making those pale Charlotte cheeks pink with lots of smacking from her slender tawny beautifully manicured hands. Soon Daisy gets Charlotte making piggy oinks too, even as the playful punishment continues on those soft ivory cheeks. But Daisy is interested in another pinkness of Charlotte’s as well, and spreads wide her happy victim’s pie to check it out. Yes, lots of pinkness here as Daisy spanks Charlotte’s thighs too, and fingers and rubs that helpless snatch. “Does the greedy little piggy want more?” Daisy asks, throwing her booted leg across Charlotte’s waist. Of course the answer is yes, as Charlotte yelps in pleasure with each new smack, before the Hitachi wand pays her pussy a visit for bondage orgasm relief!

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Goth Cheerleader Slut Training


Daisy Ducati really has cheerleader Charlotte Sartre's number. She places her down on a chair and quickly sees that the Goth cutie wears no panties under her uniform, nor a bra. Daisy asks Charlotte how many football stud cocks she's sucked, if she's had an Eiffel Tower-style threeway, and tells her she's under Daisy's supervision now. Daisy plays with Charlotte's pierced nipples and tickles her to hilarious spurts of laughter. They discuss Charlotte's lack of sexual self-control at school which has made her "mighty popular," even as Daisy toys with her snatch. But Daisy has a surprise and tells Charlotte their encounter is about DAISY today and her magnificent ass and pussy and what SHE wants, and soon Charlotte gets an education in lesbian tease-and-denial via Daisy's Hitachi wand!

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Bound Orgasms and Electric Play

Categories: Ball Gagged Blindfold Bondage

As Daisy Ducati enters the room, she explains to Charlotte Sartre exactly what the deal is: "Completely exposed and available for my use." – is there anything sexier than an ebony Mistress who knows that she's in control? Her Gothic sub looks delicious with her heavily tattooed body, black hair and pierced nipples fully on display: lezdom is always better when you've got a slave that looks as good as this. Soon enough, Charlotte is blindfolded and ballgagged so that she can truly feel helpless as an electric shocker wielded by her Dominatrix is utilized. Stick around for the ending on this one: the punishment is exquisite to witness.

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