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Juliette March's Updates
Casey Calvert naked, spread and made to cum

Categories: Bondage Chained

With her arms chained high above her, barefoot naked beauty Casey Calvert is at the mercy of fully dressed Juliette March, who comes at her with a big Hitachi wand. Taking hold with her fingers of the plush smooth meat of Casey's shaved pussy, she begins applying the vibrating pressure as Casey groans helplessly. She sucks and licks Casey's pretty nipples and caresses her helplessly restrained body. You can almost inhale the sweat in Casey's exposed armpits as she writhes under Juliette's teasing care! As Juliette tells her in an intimate closeup, "Your pretty suffering eyes make me so wet!" Well, the sounds of Casey gasping and crying out with one orgasm after another will get YOU staining your shorts pronto, too, as you watch this hot brunette beauty at the mercy of another girl!

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OTK Spanking

Categories: Spanking

Juliette March asserts her dominance over Lux Lives with some OTK spanking punishment. Lux is taken over Juliette's knee and given a very long and hard spnaking with her hand. Lux squeals and squirms as her bottom turns bright red.

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Self Bondage Dildo Blowjob

Categories: Bondage Self Bondage

It's always so enjoyable to see the results of slave training on a fresh recruit: Juliette here found herself taken just a few weeks ago and while she's far from being totally submissive, the cracks are beginning to show. After voluntarily performing self-bondage with handcuffs, she's handed a thick dildo on a stick and sets about showing off her deep throat skills. After a lot of choking, grunts, salivating and tears, Juliette seeks the entrance to her soaking wet cunt so that she can fuck herself with her new plastic companion. It doesn't take long for this beautiful whore to bring her hairy pussy to an orgasmic finish.

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Sorority Slut Training


When you join this Sorority, you better make damn sure that you're up to the task of doing whatever it takes to become a member. Lux was considered by the group to be the worst pledge of the year and because of that, she needs to undertake a very intense set of tasks if she's going to make the cut. It begins with Juliette spanking her with a paddle and giving a little verbal humiliation before telling the new recruit to put on a sexy performance she won't forget. Lux is scared, but she's going to do whatever it takes to demonstrate just how committed she is – even if that involves mutual masturbation and Hitachi tribbing until she cums.

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Chairtied Bondage Orgasms

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Blue-haired blue-eyed Lux Lives and brown-eyed brunette Juliette March are in rope bondage, chair tied naked and ball gagged with Hitachi wands placed securely against their pussies. They look around and wiggle in their bonds, fully aware that at any moment those vibrators will be flicked and send Lux’s shaved pussy and Juliette’s hairy one into climax hyperspace! Indeed, when the toys do go on, both girls jolt in their chairs, soon staring ahead as the unstoppable sensations invade their vulnerable vulvas. Juliette drools like crazy through her gag, her torso gleaming with her saliva, her navel dappled with her spit. Their cries and sobs of helpless arousal fill the room as they writhe in those seats, totally held down by the ropes which subtly hogtie their wrists to their ankles! Mewling like kittens, their titties shaking, their bare feet curling under the chairs, Lux and Juliette will be going nowhere until their bodies are squeezed dry of every last bondage orgasm! Our Fetish Pros camera rushes in for incredible closeups of their eyes contorted by the knowledge that they will cum and cum and cum again under our total bondage control! And the soundtrack of their pleading groans alone will make you throb with excitement!

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Straitjacket Escape Struggle

Categories: Ball Gagged Escape Challenge Straight Jacket

Pretty Juliette March looks distressed indeed as she drools over her ball gag, which is tightly fit into her lips with a leather face harness that accompanies a straitjacket and ankle cuffs to totally subdue her. As she sits helplessly bound on the floor, she tries to move her arms in the confining garment, but can only whimper at the hopelessness of it all. Her striking high heel ankle boots, normally symbolic of a woman’s power, are only the ornaments of her bondage predicament in her fruitless escape struggle! Watch Juliette pant and groan in her impotence as she bites down on the gag and tries to stand up, for all the good that will do. She writhes her arms in utter rage and starts to sob, as if begging the gods of bondage to give her a break already! Finally standing, she moves to the wall, but that is useless too as you’ll see in this intense Fetish Pros scene, because only moments later she’s hog tied on her stomach and back on the floor, whining as she turns over and over and we see the signs of her struggle in the runs in her pantyhose and the frustration in her eyes...

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Lux and Juliette Escape Challenge

Categories: Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

It’s escape challenge time as two of our lithe lovelies, Juliette March and Lux Lives, are put in rope bondage to compete and see who can wriggle out of her bonds first! Success comes with a reward, too: the winner gets to have her playfully diabolic way with the other girl! Both babes start out tightly tied, with Juliette’s neck attached to her bound ankles, and Lux on her stomach with her gams frog tied. Almost from the start, Juliette gets ahead of Lux and maneuvers out of her rope bondage. Lux anxiously tries to get out of her own predicament before Juliette can start dominating her, but it doesn’t seem possible. Juliette uses her discarded ropes to more firmly tie Lux’s wrists and then puts the blue-haired girl’s ankles and arms in a hog tie. Lux makes lots of noise as she writhes while triumphant Juliette gets out the Hitachi wand and takes off her panties—underpants which then find a new home over Lux’s eyes, nose, and mouth! Barefoot Juliette clearly savors the sight of Lux twisting and wiggling in her rope bondage while Juliette chills with the vibe on her own hairy pussy, even as she rests her bare sole on Lux’s neck. Juliette loses herself in her personal pleasures, her toes flexing as she explodes in a vibrator climax. Meanwhile helplessly dominated Lux lays vulnerable next to her, and Juliette decides the loser of the escape challenge should nonetheless have some fun too. First she secures her panties tighter into Lux’s lips as a humiliating gag, and then she aims the Hitachi at Lux’s shaved snatch, while also nibbling and manipulating Lux’s taut nips. Lux should be grateful! After all, she DID lose the escape challenge, but Juliette has been gracious in triumph by allowing Lux a pretty damn good orgasm, accompanied by squeals and groans that show just how satisfied Lux gets to be in this thrilling Fetish Pros encounter.

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Juliette Hogtied, Gagged and Stripped

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Juliette March awakes to find herself ball gagged, tied up and in a location she's unfamiliar with. She's scared, and rightly so: it's often the case that damsels in distress never make it out of here unscathed. As she wiggles around on the hardwood floor, attempting to free herself from her present hogtied situation, saliva uncontrollably dribbles out of this cutie's mouth – she's never had the pleasure of a ballgag before! To add further insult to injury, the struggle results in her denim shorts being pulled down and tiny top pulled up. This is only the beginning for Juliette: things are about to get a whole lot worse.

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Bondage Strapon Blowjob

Categories: Bondage

Casey Calvert is tied up with rope and made to suck on Juliette's strap-on dildo. Casey gags, spits, and whimpers, but she can't escape this humiliation. Her mascara runs as tears gather in her eyes, and her lipstick smears as she's made to suck dick at Juliette's command.

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Leather Cuffs and Tickling

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Kay Kardia is dressed to kill, wearing matching panties and bra, stockings/garters and heels, all white! Juliette March is tying her to the bed, with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. When Juliette raises Kay's legs, she pulls off Kay' s heels, and starts to tickle her. And the tickling continues as Juliette mercilessly takes Kay to a breathless frenzy. Just when it seems Kay will never be able to catch her breath, Juliette stops and calmly walks away...

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5 Girls Left Bound and Gagged

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

We can only imagine how these bikini girls got into such a fix! Watch five feisty vixens writhe in ropes and ball gags on a bedroom floor, even as they realize they’re gonna have to come up with a clever way to escape because they’re just tied too darn securely! There’s Serena Blair in the bright blue; Dolly Leigh in the white; Juliette March in the dark blue; Missy Minks in the black; and VictoriaLacy in the pink bikini, each of them engaged in their own private struggle to achieve freedom. Dolly and Juliette lay on their backs, arching upwards as they try to wiggle out of their wrist bonds; the girls try to communicate to make a plan, but they can’t understand each other through their gags! Juliette seems to be making a little progress, and then tattooed Missy begins to undo Serena’s wrists from behind. Yes, it’s clear the lesson here is that teamwork sometimes is the only way to go! Not everybody can be a solo Houdini, although Juliette seems to come the closest amid the squeals. VictoriaLacy helps Dolly get out of her bonds, then Dolly helps Juliette finish, and all the girls’ voices become a little clearer as the ball gags come out and the ropes are tossed aside. But Dolly keeps her ball gag in longer than the others—maybe she kinda enjoys it? Finally it does come out, though, and the girls make their break for freedom, leaving a tangle of colored ropes all over the carpet.

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It hurts so good

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Spanking

Juliette March and Cheyenne Jewel are talking about an article they read about ass spanking and how hot it is and all that. Juliette seems to think it's all cool but no big deal. Cheyenne thinks she's full of shit, though, and soon she's got Juliette with her hands behind her back, strapped together. Pulling Juliette over her knee, Cheyenne starts spanking her tight little ass and Juliette starts moaning almost immediately! What a spanking slut! Pulling up Juliette's dress, Cheyenne then removes one strap and uses it to spank Juliette's tight ass! After getting Juliette's ass warmed up, next comes Cheyenne's leather paddle! And Still Juliette moans in ecstasy! But the paddling gets harder as the panties come down and Juliette keeps asking for her spankings to be harder and harder! Cheyenne smiles as she spanks Juliette's tight, red ass, harder and harder with her bare hand! As Juliette whispers, "It hurts so good", Cheyenne leaves her hot, red ass, alone on the couch, her spankings done for the day...

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