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Models / Kay Kardia

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Kay Kardia's Updates
Kay and Daisy Escape Attempt

Categories: Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Bound in belts, on the floor, with hands tied behind their backs, Daisy Ducati and Kay Kardia are challenged to escape AND be the first to grab the sole hitachi! Playful wrestling, biting and face smothering are all part of the action as each girl struggles to keep the hitachi in their own lap! Ready, set, go!!

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Kay Bound in Latex on Sybian

Categories: Bondage Latex Sybian

Kay Kardia is dressed in latex and Candle Boxxx, in latex and stockings with garters, is ready to play! Oh and Kay just happens to be sitting on a sybian, with arms above her, wrists cuffed! Candle is the perfect Top as she sensually takes over, pulling the zipper from Kay's dress down so she can access Kay's perky titties. Teasing Kay, Candle finally turns on the sybian, driving Kay crazy with anticipation! With constant teasing, hair pulling and ass slapping, Candle orders Kay to "fuck" the sybian! Kay has no choice but to grind even harder on the vibrating sybian as she is allowed to cum one more time. Thank you Mistress Candle!

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Leather Cuffs and Tickling

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Tickling

Kay Kardia is dressed to kill, wearing matching panties and bra, stockings/garters and heels, all white! Juliette March is tying her to the bed, with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. When Juliette raises Kay's legs, she pulls off Kay' s heels, and starts to tickle her. And the tickling continues as Juliette mercilessly takes Kay to a breathless frenzy. Just when it seems Kay will never be able to catch her breath, Juliette stops and calmly walks away...

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Straitjacket Therapy

Categories: Ball Gagged Escape Challenge Straight Jacket

Missy Minks has two hotties restrained in straitjackets, Juliette March and Kay Kardia. Missy is soon fed up as the two hotties are not all happy about being restricted and are being disobedient! Well, mostly Juliette is behaving badly, as Kay is her usual sweet self. When Missy calls Juliette crazy, it starts to get...well, crazy! But the back and forth is hilarious! Missy places a full head harness gag on Kay and because Juliette is being so difficult, Missy places the hated ball sac gag on Juliette! The ball sac gag, for some reason, makes one drool immediately! Missy then brings out the hitachi and places it at Kay's pussy, encouraging Juliette to hold it in place with her stocking clad feet. Now Juliette is being cooperative and does her best to help Kay get off! When Missy tries to be nice to Juliette, it quickly goes south, as Juliette becomes nothing but trouble and won't listen. Pussy spanking, ass spanking ensue as Juliette and Missy wrestle around for a minute. Finally, Juliette is on her stomach and Kay's face gag is removed so she can worship Juliette's small, shapely feet! But the pleasure doesn't stop Juliette from acting up, so soon she's in a frog tie, too. That's when Missy comes up with her final plan. Placing Kay in a frogtie as well, Missy then drops the hitachi in the midst of both girls and tells them to fight for it. The winner gets the orgasm! Watch the craziness ensue as each girl refuses to let the other cum!

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Daisy Teased and Tickled by Kay

Categories: Bondage Tickling

Daisy Ducati pays a visit to the FetishPros studio and finds an old friend, Kay Kardia, more than willing to have fun with her! Kay has Daisy on her back, wrists and ankles tied to four corners as Kay has tickle torture on her mind! Daisy, wearing stockings and garters, heels, and a cute matching panty and top, is soon laughing uncuntrollably! Yes, unCUNTrollably as her pussy gets wet from the constant tickling! Groped, teased and taunted, Daisy is in for a wild afternoon with Kay Kardia!

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Pink Humiliation

Categories: Rope Bondage

Juliette March can be so mean! And in this clip with Kay Kardia, Juliette humiliates our sexy slut by laughing in her face, then tying up Kay with a crotch rope and simple chest harness, finishing with two ankle cuffs. Now it's play time, for Juliette! Taunting the sweet Kay by yanking on the crotch rope, Juliette makes Kay scream out in agony...or is it pleasure?? Next Juliette shoves her fingers down Kay's throat, making her gag! When Juliette pulls out the hitachi, it looks like maybe now she's going to be nice to Kay. But after telling Kay to shake her ass for her, Juliette places the vibrating hitachi on her own clit and rubs out an orgasm, all while Kay continues to shaker her ass! Oh Juliette! At last Juliette places the hitachi on Kay's rope covered clit and allows her sexy submissive to cum. But as the final act of humiliation, Juliette pulls out a pink, tattered dress and puts it on Kay! The shoulders have been cut, so Juliette uses two pieces of duct tape to hold the dress together, then sends sad Kay on her way...Juliette...Mistress of Mean.

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Candle's Orgasm Ordeals

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage Orgasm Challenge

Candle Boxxx is bound in a leather strap harness and awaiting her Mistress Kay Kardia! On her knees and eager to please, poor Candle gets a mouthful when Mistress Kay finds outs she's wearing heels! Slaves do not deserve shoes! Spanked, prodded and forced to worship Mistress Kay's feet, Candle Boxxx quickly learns how to please her Mistress.Mistress Kay loves to reward a good slave and begins to tease Candle with the Hitachi, all while her face is filled with Mistress's pretty foot! Mistress loves a good slave...but is she going to please her, too!?! Candle begs and begs as her plight just became a lot less fun! When Mistress Kay leaves, she tosses the hitachi aside and Candle, still bound, tries her best to retrieve it and get that hard earned orgasm...can she do it is the question!

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Kay Chained up and Teased

Categories: Bondage Chained

Gagged and wearing a corset and stockings with garters, Kay Kardia is laying on her side, hands chained together in front of her, ankles chained, too, at the opposite end of the bed. Daisy Ducati comes in and immediately grabs a handful of ass. Kay is hers and Daisy wants to play! Telling Kay that her pussy is "Mine", Daisy slips a finger down Kay's already slipper slit. Then Daisy crops Kay's hot little ass, telling Kay not to look at her! Daisy's not playing around! In this hot 13 minute clip, Daisy continues to tease Kay, insinuating orgasmic bliss is about to occur, but each time, Daisy removed the pleasure and replaces it with pain! Finally, Daisy seems to take pity on Kay as she removes her gag and initiates a furious handjob on Kay! Oh man, Handjobs never looked so go Daisy!

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Daisy Ducati on Sybian

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Rope Bondage Sybian

Kay Kardia has Daisy Ducati sitting on a sybian, with her hands in a box-tie, tied to a simple chest harness. Kay's in a playful mood, or should we say, HORNY mood, as her hands roam the tight body of Daisy! With a bit gag in her mouth, Daisy can't say much, but Kay knows some high heel worship is just what's needed, as Kay makes Daisy stick her tongue out to lick her heels. As reward, Kay turns the sybian on and as Daisy gets lost in the sensations, Kay continues to grope and fondle this sexy babe! Just when you think Kay will allow Daisy to cum, Kay walks out of the room....but she's right off set...will she come back to let Daisy Cum...or is Daisy hung out to dry???

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Bound Together

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge Foot Fetish

Missy Minks has two lovely slaves bound together with leather straps. Juliette March and Kay Kardia are bound at the chest, legs and torso, facing each other, head to toe. And Missy is the one having fun! Taunting and teasing the two girls, Missy starts off by spanking Juliettes round bottom and pulling on her perky tits. Teasing with the hitachi, Missy then challenges the girls to rip off the others stockings with their teeth, to see who can do better foot worship! But both girls are cheaters and Juliette gets caught...and punished! Foot worship and orgasm by hitachi is not a bad way of being punished!

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Serena Blair Worshipping Kay Tastrophe's Feet

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship

Sexy Serena Blair shows you how to suck toes and worship feet...and Kay Tastrophe is the lucky recipient! Watch as Kay's perfectly formed toes are shrimped by Serena...Who knew Sexy Serena B was so dam good at sucking toes...damn, this is one hot clip!

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Serena Blair - Kay Tastrophe - Foot Worship

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Worship

Serena Blair may be petite and stand just about 5' tall, but she's a toppy little slut! Watch as she commands a willing Kay Tastrophe to worship her tiny size 5.5's. Watch as Serena forces all of her toes down Kay's wet and will throat! Serena Blair will not stop until she is pleased!

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