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Lydia Black Updates

Ziva Fey Supervises Lydia Black’s Armbinder Spreader Bar Bondage
Lydia Black, Ziva Fey
32 Photos, 11 min of video
Lydia Black lays on her tummy, arms behind her in an armbinder and bare feet in a spreader bar. She wiggles in ball-gagged bondage, her strapped torso vulnerable. Ziva Fey lords it over Lydia in her black shiny PVC splendor, teasingly asking if Lydia is ready for her to “molest”...

Tags: Arm Binder, Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage
Duct Tape Escape Challenge for Arielle Aquinas and Lydia Black
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
39 Photos, 10 min of video
In form-fitting tops and leggings, bound and gagged by gray duct tape around their wrists, arms, and ankles, Arielle Aquinas and Lydia Black struggle to escape. The soundtrack is their moans, sighs, and the rubbing of their bare feet against the floor as they writhe in many positions...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Rope Bound Nude Kaiia Eve Services Lydia Black’s Naked Pussy
Kaiia Eve, Lydia Black
42 Photos, 11 min of video
Super lesbian bondage action! Kaiia Eve and Lydia Black are nude, although sometimes their heavy tattoos make it look like they’re still wearing something! Lydia frog ties Kaiia with ropes and positions the Hitachi snugly against her pussy. Then Lydia makes Kaiia (whose wrists are...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Rope Bondage
Arielle Aquinas Enjoys Teasing Helpless Bondagette Lydia Black
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
29 Photos, 9 min of video
Subdued with straps and buckles, hogtied on her tummy and wiggling her long-nailed fingers helplessly, blonde cutie Dolly Mattel is totally under our control. Wearing a white halter top and matching white panties, as well as white platform sandals and two white bows in her hair, she...

Tags: Arm Binder, Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage
Lydia Black and Arielle Aquinas Squirm in Inescapable Rope Hogties
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
32 Photos, 8 min of video
Hogtied with rope, laying on their bellies, lingerie-clad and ball-gagged Arielle Aquinas and Lydia Black look so delectably helpless as they writhe on the brilliant white sheets of a big hotel bed. Arielle wears deep red bra and panties and Lydia transparent black, along with high...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Lydia Black Bound to the Floor for Arielle Aquinas’s Teasing
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
34 Photos, 11 min of video
Cuffed and strapped to the floor, duct tape over her mouth, barefoot Lydia Black squirms quietly as Arielle Aquinas gloats. “You’re already getting goosebumps, I love the way your body responds,” says Arielle. “It makes you so much fun to play with!” Arielle caresses Lydia,...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Lydia Black Armbinder and Head Hogtie Struggle
Lydia Black
18 Photos, 5 min of video
In a fierce bondage predicament, Lydia Black is not only on her stomach with an armbinder restricting even her options to writhe, but her head is in a harness and attached by straps to her cuffed ankles, making for an incredibly restrictive hogtie. Too bad, because in her festive...

Tags: Arm Binder, Ball Gagged, Bondage
“Drooly Slut” Kaiia Eve Submits Wetly to Lydia Black’s Vibrator
Kaiia Eve, Lydia Black
46 Photos, 9 min of video
Kaiia Eve sits in her hot pink bustier, panties, garters, black nylons and heels, her ankles tightly rope-bound just like her arms held up above her. And Lydia Black is delighted to find her this way, fondling her titties, rubbing her legs, and groping her pie. Lydia can’t wait...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Rope Bondage
Tied Together 69 Style, Kaiia Eve and Lydia Black Lick to Climax
Kaiia Eve, Lydia Black
30 Photos, 9 min of video
Here’s a most convenient and logical situation for two ladies lusting to lick! We see Kaiia Eve bound hand and foot with rope, and spread eagle on her back; naked and ready for sapphic ecstasy with Lydia Black restrained on top of her in the sixty-nine position, her own naked body...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Rope Bondage
Arielle Aquinas In a Duct Tape Cocoon Under Lydia Black
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
30 Photos, 10 min of video
Wow, this is an especially wild one! Arielle Aquinas is bound to a wooden table, completely restrained by a cocoon of gray duct tape across every inch of her body except for her nylon feet, face, and blonde head. Then Lydia Black adds to the constrictive fun by putting in an open-mouth...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Foot Worship, Mummification
Ziva Fey versus Lydia Black in Monumental Escape Challenge
Lydia Black, Ziva Fey
35 Photos, 11 min of video
Lydia Black and Ziva Fey are flat on their tummies, barefoot, hogtied with rope and in matching face harnesses. Who will escape this bondage predicament first and win the challenge? It seems tied at first as they wiggle to undo their restraints, each making silent progress, panting...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Escape Challenge
Will Lydia Black Give Anastasia Rose Permission to Cum?
Anastasia Rose, Lydia Black
34 Photos, 10 min of video
“You’re just stuck there and can’t even move,” sums up Lydia Black when she looks over Anastasia Rose’s bondage predicament. Ball-gagged, bound by metal cuffs and chains to a frame, clad in bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and white heels, Anastasia will be toyed with!...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms

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