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Lydia and Violet Escape Challenge

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Bondage Orgasms Escape Challenge

Barefoot blonde Violet October and Lydia Black are hogtied in lingerie, flat on their tummies, squirming in black cuffs and straps as they try to escape. Their fingers tug at the bondage to loosen the buckles. It looks like Violet is making some progress, but then it’s a no-go. But wait—is Lydia pulling ahead? It kinda looks like it, and she indeed gets out of the hogtie. But her ankles are still bound, as are her wrists. Next to her, Violet keeping trying, telling herself to focus, but it’s Lydia who remains ahead...though not by that much! “How many buckles are there??” says Violet, suddenly free of the hogtie herself but not able to get out of the cuffs. Sighing and panting, the girls don’t give up, until finally Violet pulls ahead, releasing her wrists and immediately reaching for the Hitachi wand to reward her pussy for all that heroic effort while Lydia is still struggling. Laughter and vibrator stimulation ensue!

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Lydia Black Straitjacket Torment

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Straight Jacket

Naked Lydia Black is cold and her also-nude blonde friend Arielle Aquinas brings her the only jacket she could find: a straitjacket! Lydia tries it on, although she says, “I don’t know if I can eat with this on...” No kidding! Soon Arielle has fun with her helpless pal, spanking her bare thighs, hairy pussy, and tasty little butt. Lydia gets wet and enjoys her vulnerability, and Arielle straddles her and comes up with another idea: pressing a handy Hitachi wand against Lydia’s clam. Lydia enjoys this too, squealing uncontrollably as Arielle lovingly “torments” her into bondage orgasms, putting the buzzy vibrator on high. “Thank you!” Lydia gasps as her eyes roll up into her head in bondage ecstasy. And that’s when Arielle realizes she’d like to feel a little of that throbbing vibe on her own snatch too. She has straitjacketed Lydia watch her cum, then goes back to teasing and denying her friend over and again—before finally coming up with an idea to please them both simultaneously!

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Arielle Sybian Slave

Categories: Bondage Bondage Orgasms Rope Bondage Sybian

Perky smiling blonde cutie Arielle Aquinas is strapped nude by her thighs to the Sybian machine, with her wrists tethered by rope bondage to stanchions. Lydia Black holds the controls and claims to start off Arielle slow; but the humming sounds pretty intense from the git-go! As Lydia caresses her happy captive’s crotch, we can see the flapping throb of the flesh-colored vibrator attachment snugly under Arielle’s shaved coochie. As Lydia smacks her body lightly all over with a riding crop, Arielle gets more and more aroused riding the saddle. Arielle sighs, shakes, quakes and tugs against her restraints with balled-up fists even as her vulnerable vajayjay is pulled relentlessly to one bondage orgasm after another! And it’s so sexy seeing Arielle’s pretty eyes look up at Lydia and beg for more, more, faster, faster!

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