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Models / Roxy Rage

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Roxy Rage's Updates
roxy rage - leather strap frogtie escape

Categories: Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Roxy Rage is one sexy little bitch...and an escape artist, too! The FetishPros crew tends to take it easy on a first time model, and Roxy Rage is no exception. Of course, an easy escape is never in our plan, so the more determined a model is to get loose, the more determined we are to make her stay! So sexy and tattooed Roxy get her way this time....but just wait!

31 Photos, 5 Minute(s) of Video

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roxy rage - leather belt bondage hogtie escape

Categories: Belt Bondage Escape Challenge

Strapped in leather and hog tied, Roxy Rage is itching to get loose as soon as we strap her in! Roxy is one model that loves the challenge of breaking free, and she doesn't disappoint as she contorts her body, defying the pain, all to get loose!

32 Photos, 6 Minute(s) of Video

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roxy rage - zip tied and tape gagged escape struggle

Categories: Escape Challenge Zip Ties

Dressed like a sexy tramp, Roxy Rage, is wearing a shear black bra, ragged shorts, nylons and dirty sneakers. We zip tie her and leave her to struggle on the bed. Slowly moving about, testing her restraints, Roxy is soon able to slip out of some of her ties. She puts forth a great effort and just when we think she will escape totally, that last tie proves to be her downfall. Well, perhaps,because she's soon scooting off set, with that last ziptie securely strapped around her ankles!

30 Photos, 5 Minute(s) of Video

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roxy rage - foot tease

Categories: Foot Fetish

Roxy Rage is dressed to kill in heels, skirt and black top. Underneath lie a black sheer bra, stockings, garter and panties, and she can't wait to take it off for you! Peeling each layer off slowly, Roxy teases down to her stockings, then bare feet! Come watch this sexy lady work the camera, just for you!

63 Photos, 5 Minute(s) of Video

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roxy rage - frogtied on bed and teased by krista kaos

Categories: Belt Bondage

Krysta Kaos has Roxy Rage completely naked and frog tied to the bed, in a helpless position! With her arms tied to the bed frame above her head, Roxy is in for some satisfying orgasms! Watch as Krysta uses Roxy as she pleases!

50 Photos, 9 Minute(s) of Video

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roxy rage - rope strappado bed tie struggle

Categories: Escape Challenge Rope Bondage

Spread eagled, face down, tied in a strappado and with a crotch rope creating tension on her wet pussy, Roxy Rage looks to be held helpless! This girl loves to escape and we've watched her break out of some strict bondage...but not this time! Helpless and struggling...that's how we like Roxy!

33 Photos, 4 Minute(s) of Video

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