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Serena Blair's Updates
Roxanne and Serena Escape Challenge

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Bondage Orgasms Escape Challenge

From the moment we first see them, Roxanne Rae and Serena Blair are in the middle of their struggle to escape from the tight rope bondage that restrains their arms and legs as they sit naked on the warehouse floor. Suddenly Roxanne makes startling progress in meeting the escape challenge, freeing her wrists from the maroon ropes. But does she have the advantage?? No, because out of her blue ropes slides Serena, and she beats Roxanne to grabbing the fiercely-desired Hitachi wand. Roxanne seems in such a hurry to grab an orgasm she almost forgets to take out her ball gag! But then she does remove it and the girls cooperatively press the wand between their pussies, snuggling their bare boxes around the throbbing vibe. It’s so sexy to see these bespectacled lesbian hotties humping the toy uncontrollably, riding it together and groaning into each other’s face and feeling each other up as they bond with smiles and passionate kisses!

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Bondage Blowjob Competition

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage

Roxanne Rae on the left and Serena Blair on the right look almost like naked brunette twins with their similar glasses and slender bodies as they sit--their wrists tethered in rope bondage to their thighs--on either side of a wooden post with two dildos protruding. The competition is to see who can deliver the finest sucking, and our cameras capture every saliva string and bubble of the action! You can almost imagine them as nude concubines showing off their skills to a sultan who will decide which of them will be his blowjob artist for the night. Bound and helpless, the girls slurp and show impressive abilities to take shafts deep within their pretty faces despite the gagging and drool trails which hang from their chins and nipples. They worship their respective dildos with such equal talent that it doesn’t look like either one can be declared the champion over the other!! So who would YOU pick??

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Sybian Domination

Categories: Bondage Rope Bondage Sybian

Hitachis can blow a lot of girls' minds, but if you really want to demonstrate how little the power a submissive has over when she cums, the best tool for the job is a Sybian. Serena Blair is the one in charge of the buttons that control the power and intensity of the Sybian that Roxanne Rae is sitting on: she seems to enjoy her role as the person that gets to decide when – and how – her obedient submissive will be cumming. It's going to be tough going for this slave to enjoy herself here without losing her mind in the process.

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Im Outta Here

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage Escape Challenge Tickling

Missy Minks is tied down to the floor. On her back, with legs and arms spread, cuffs at the ankles, thighs, biceps and wrists an one across her torso, Missy looks to be pretty much secure. Then on comes Dolly Leigh and Serena Blair, carrying frozen cubes of ice on strings! It's going to be an ice cold droplets torture! And that's exactly what the girls do to poor Missy! Dripping ice cold water on Missy's face, torso and feet, Missy writhes and wriggles with no chance to escape! That's when the girls get mean and decide to tickle torture Missy. From head to toe Missy endures the torture, uncontrollably laughing, and when Dolly starts tickling Missy at the armpits, Missy suddenly pulls her wrists and arms out of her cuffs! What!?! We thought she was completely vulnerable! And that's when Missy says, "You never shoulda gone for my armpits...I'm outta here!"

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Ruby's Personal Traning

Categories: Bondage Straight Jacket

Ruby Angel is looking to get back into shape, so she sets an appt to meet with personal trainer Serena Blair. When Ruby is late, however, all hell breaks loose and it's a way different training session than Ruby ever could have imagined! First berated for being late, Ruby is then talked into accepting her punishment...being strapped into a straitjacket! Once Serena has Ruby in the jacket, Serena then stuffs poor Ruby into a dog kennel! Faced with the ultimate humiliation, Ruby is left alone to a dog!

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Ruby Tied and Teased by Serena

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Ruby Angel is a petite, raven haired hottie and we love serving her up for our toppy models, like Serena Blair! Serena is one petite toppy babe, too! First we dress Ruby in knee high boots, black bra and panties, gagged. Then we put her on the floor with her hand tied behind her back, and ropes tied off to her boots. She's not going anywhere...and that's exactly what Serena likes! Stepping onto set, Serena wants to play with her pet. Pulling Ruby's bra down, Serena pinches her nipples, pulls her panties down, too and spanks her bottom! The loud thwacking sound tells us these are no light spanks! But it's not all pain as Serena has a treat in store for her little fuck toy...a hitachi! Placing the vibrating pleasure toy on Ruby's crotch, Serena soon has Ruby begging for release. The shear panties Ruby is wearing offer no protection from the heavy friction of this powerful toy. When she can take no more and orgasm is imminent, Ruby thinks her reward is at hand...but Serena doesn't think so, and Serena is in charge! Left to struggle, at the peak of being ready to orgasm, Ruby is one sad little pet, struggling alone....

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Serena Santas Naughty Helper

Categories: Ball Gagged Bondage Rope Bondage

Serena is Santa's little helper. Decked in a green velvet costume and hogtied, she couldn’t be any more festive! She fumbles around the floor trying to get the ropes to budge but its no use. She isn’t getting anywhere, perhaps we should toss her under the Christmas tree, where the wrapped up toys belong!

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Nurse Dolly in A case of FOD

Categories: Bondage

Nurse Dolly Leigh and Doctor Serena Blair have a new patient, Pennie. Pennie tells the nurse she is having trouble having an orgasm and that she’s not even sure she had ever had one. The nurse and doctor give Pennie a full body exam while she is strapped in a chair with medical straps. They grope her almost naked body and use not just one but two hitchis on her clit to make her feel the first orgasm of her life!

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Serenas Surprise

Categories: Chained Handcuffed Self Bondage

Serena Blair is excited! Her boy is coming home after having been gone for several days! Serena decides to surprise him by dressing up in garters, stockings, a sexy dress with fuck me pumps AND the piece de resistance is cuffing herself to the bed! Lying there, cuffed at the ankles and wrists, Serena works herself into a frenzy of anticipation...then she hears the doors open! "Babe?" She calls out, a smile on her face. But then she's puzzled when 'babe' doesn't answer. Instead, it's her roommate, Dolly Leigh! Dolly's been lusting after Serena since she moved in, and now it seems Serena is in a very vulnerable position! Working her magic, It doesn't take long for Dolly to get Serena in a much better mood!

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Two Dansels Tied up and Drooling

Categories: Ball Gagged Belt Bondage Bondage

Serena's got Dolly tied in a standing position, hunched over, leaning over Ruby's tight stomach. The gag Dolly is wearing is making her drool all over Ruby's belly! Ruby is strapped onto her back, with tape over her pretty mouth. With cuffs everywhere, neither girl is getting away soon, and that's exactly what Serena wants! Taking turns with the hitachis, Serena first vibrates Dolly, then she trades off and vibrates Ruby. With no on there to control what Serena does, Serena soon have both girls on the hitachi and both girls are moaning with pleasure! It looks like Serena knows just what to do and all we can wonder is how long will these girls last!?!

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Luna and Serena bound to cum

Categories: Belt Bondage Bondage

Two petites models, with tiny size 5 feet, NAKED, strapped to the floor with wrist and ankle cuffs and two Hitachis strapped to their pussies (yes, that's two each!), sounds like a good afternoon...right? Of course it does! And when those two models are Serena Blair and Luna Light, we can only hope that we catch every sexy angle these two beautiful models offer up! On their backs and strapped in, this is one hot clip!

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Mistress Serenas Hotline

Categories: Ball Gagged Blindfold Bondage Chained

Dolly Leigh has been very curious and heard about Sexy Serena's Hotline service. What is that? Sexy Serena Blair takes your call and guides you through a fun, kinky experience! So Dolly makes a call, and is ordered to gather some items. She does and as she talks to Serena over the phone, Serena guides her through the gathered items. First it's the gag, then cuffs, a blindfold and when Dolly is almost helpless, she hears Serena's voice as an's an echo because Serena is on the phone, and IN Dolly' apartment! That's right, Sexy Serena has found Dolly in quite the predicament! And that predicament is Serena's good fortune!

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