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Blindfold Blonde Quivers With Sybian Bondage Orgasms
Arielle Aquinas, Violet October
20 Photos, 11 min of video
Arielle Aquinas is naked and blindfolded, planted firmly on the Sybian, and cuffed by her wrists and ankles to a small metal bondage frame. Violet October comes in fully dressed and teases Arielle by turning on the saddle. While the vibrator thrums with increasing speed between Arielle’s...

Tags: Blindfold, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Sybian
Stephie Starr Bent Over for a Really Wet Bondage Orgasm
Arielle Aquinas, Stephie Starr
26 Photos, 10 min of video
Stephie Starr is topless and bent over a bondage frame in her cut-out panties, her wrists and ankles secured with rope to the metal bars, her pretty titties dangling. Arielle Aquinas is delighted to find Stephie so exposed in this position! She caresses her, fondles her nipples, and...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Spanking
Helpless Anastasia Gets “Beyond Amazing” Bondage Orgasms
Anastasia Rose, Arielle Aquinas
18 Photos, 8 min of video
Anastasia Rose is cuffed and chained to a bondage frame, clad in aquamarine bra and panties, white nylons and heels, and she is clearly feeling very horny when Arielle Aquinas (sexy in her own red lingerie) comes in and gives her a few spanks. “I’ve got a special treat for your...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Tough Escape Challenge for Two Blondes
Arielle Aquinas, Violet October
26 Photos, 14 min of video
Hogtied in rope bondage, on their tummies in bras and panties, Violet October and Arielle Aquinas meet for an escape challenge. At first Violet seems ahead, but the restraints are rather intricate. “I loosen something and then I tighten something else!” exclaims Arielle, as Violet...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Escape Challenge
Lydia Squirting Bondage Orgasms
Arielle Aquinas, Lydia Black
27 Photos, 9 min of video
Lydia Black is sitting and securely bound by straps to a metal bondage frame: her arms, wrists, waist, and ankles are restrained, and her thighs are spread open so that Arielle Aquinas can come into the picture and caress her all over, especially on her nipples and half-shaved pussy....

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, cuff
Maya Straitjacket Bound Sybian Orgasms
Arielle Aquinas, Maya Kendrick
15 Photos, 8 min of video
Maya Kendrick looks understandably wary when she finds her arms and torso wrapped in a straitjacket and bound with her pantied pussy pressed against the Sybian saddle! Arielle Aquinas supervises in her best “diabolical brat” style, her blonde ponytails jiggling as she smacks Maya’s...

Tags: Belt Bondage, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Sybian
Hogtied Arielle Aquinas Bound and Boxtied with Heavy Cuffs and Straps
Arielle Aquinas
20 Photos, 8 min of video
Her arms box-tied with thick black cuffs and buckles, her ankles and bare feet hogtied to her wrists, Arielle Aquinas squeals softly through her red ball gag. Our camera is down on floor level where Arielle struggles on her stomach, then we move up to capture the higher angle on this...

Tags: Ball Gagged, Belt Bondage, Bondage, Escape Challenge
Kendra Lynn Strapped Down, Tickled, and Vibed to Bondage Orgasms
Arielle Aquinas, Kendra Lynn
26 Photos, 19 min of video
Kendra Lynn, bound with heavy white straps and cuffs, lays on her back on a bondage table only in her black-and-red lacy lingerie. Her bare feet, with pink polished toenails, are secured down to the base of the table by white straps too which keep her legs spread. Arielle Aquinas...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Tickling
Defenseless Arielle Squirts Puddles in Bondage
Arielle Aquinas, Nadia White
17 Photos, 9 min of video
Nadia White finds Arielle Aquinas naked and restrained on the floor doggie style, with her ankles and wrists cuffed to a spreader bar. Her crotch is open to be used and she can’t do anything about it! Nadia gloats over her defenseless friend, smacking her cheeks and playing with...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Squirt
Hogtied Belt Bondage Escape Challenge
Arielle Aquinas, Sheena Rose
22 Photos, 10 min of video
Arielle Aquinas and Sheena Rose lay on their bellies, hogtied with belts. But only about a minute into the challenge, Sheena gets out of her hogtie! She’s not free yet, though, because without being able to see what their hands have to do behind them, it’s tricky...but whoa, then...

Tags: Belt Bondage, Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Escape Challenge
Helpless, Legs Bound Wide, and Made to Cum
Arielle Aquinas, Violet October
24 Photos, 9 min of video
Violet October is cuffed spread eagle to the floor, naked in her half-shaved pussy glory, with a bit between her teeth, as an equally naked Arielle Aquinas walks into the scene to tickle her, slap her thighs, and try to tease her cunny. But when Violet tries to writhe out of Arielle’s...

Tags: Bondage, Bondage Orgasms
Is Arm Binder Bondage Arielle’s Toughest Escape Challenge?
Arielle Aquinas
20 Photos, 7 min of video
Arielle Aquinas struggles on her tummy in rope bondage, ankles hogtied to wrists which are contained in an arm binder bondage sleeve. Arielle’s in a face harness too, which covers her mouth and which is also stuffed with an inflatable gag (judging by the squeeze ball extending by...

Tags: Arm Binder, Bondage, Escape Challenge, Rope Bondage

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