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Daisy and Sheena Escape Challenge

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Featuring:  Daisy Ducati, Sheena Rose
30 Photos, 13 min of video
Chuckling to themselves, Sheena Rose and Daisy Ducati are hog-tied on their tummies for this fun escape challenge, writhing in their bonds and determined to see who can get free first. We love the contrast of Sheena’s ivory body and Daisy’s tawny frame wiggling on the floor! Suddenly Daisy slips out of all the rope bondage, jokingly crediting it to the Houdini posters she has on her wall at home! ;) And no sooner is Daisy free than she puts a red ball gag in Sheena’s lips and begins tickling her under her white lacy lingerie. What a little helpless ball of giggling bondage femininity is Sheena as Daisy plays her like a keyboard, doing everything from the non-stop tickles to tugging her stiff nipples to playfully spanking her to even fiddling with and finger-fucking Sheena’s belly button!

Tags: Bondage, Escape Challenge, Rope Bondage

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